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1902 Software has a dedicated team of Microsoft-certified IT professionals who effectively develop and support all types of Umbraco projects, led by a technical project manager with extensive experience in developing Umbraco solutions.

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What we offer

We offer you a complete team to handle all your Umbraco needs, from design and development to testing and deployment. We can give you one person or we can give you a complete team who have in-depth knowhow in design, development, system architecture, database design, testing, installation, and support.

You coordinate the work to be done with the project managers who, in turn, manage the developers, designers, and QAs.

Benefits of having 1902 Software

  • Quick results – We resolve ad-hoc tasks within 24 hours.
  • Expertise – Developers are constantly trained with the latest technologies.
  • Security – All developers are in-house and we do not use freelancers.
  • Transparency – Our project management tools allow direct communication with the customer, project manager, and team members.
  • Consistency – Project support is done by the same development team.
  • Quality assurance – We have a dedicated QA team in charge of thorough and systematic testing, without relying on developers to catch issues.

Umbraco developer profile

Our .NET developers have an average of 6-7 years of professional web development experience. All are graduates of bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, and similar technical education from recognized institutions in the Philippines.

The majority of our developers have attained at least one Microsoft Certification in Application Development, including Microsoft .NET Framework, Programming in C#, MVC Web Applications, ASP.NET Application Development, Web Applications Development, or Programming in HTML with Javascript and CSS.

Upon employment at 1902, our developers initially go through structured training program that includes software development process, user interface workshops, speed optimization, SEO, coding standards, and the like. These courses are refreshed regularly with new and relevant topics added, ensuring that our developers are up-to-date with the latest technical knowledge in their field of work.

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