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  • Published date: 13 September 2018

    Secrets you should know when purchasing a webshop or website

    by Peter Skouhus

    Is your new website or webshop developed in your country? No, probably not. First, your new webshop or website is certainly based on a template; second, it is likely developed outside of your country....

  • Published date: 10 September 2018

    IT suppliers don’t need to sign an NDA. Here’s why.

    by Peter Skouhus

    Imagine that you have made a very innovative and essential project for your company. If your competitor finds out what you did and copies it, there is a risk that he’ll reach the market before you d...

  • Published date: 3 September 2018

    Open Source or Proprietary CMS?

    by Peter Skouhus

    What is a CMS? With a Content Management System (CMS), you can change the text on your pages, add or remove images, manage your site’s SEO, and more. There are a variety of CMS which are typically d...

  • Published date: 24 August 2018

    My thoughts on working with digitization

    by Peter Skouhus

    This blog is about how I would utilize digitization if I were the head of a small company. I’m including tips on how to be less vulnerable if your freelance programmer or IT supplier cannot find tim...

  • Published date: 23 August 2018

    When IT consultants raise unnecessary panic, you have everything to lose and nothing to gain

    by Peter Skouhus

    In the light of the day, some anonymous IT consultant will say everything is easy.  In this blog, you’ll read about a feared scenario in any IT system or application, with all the negative implicat...

  • Published date: 14 August 2018

    Why your business needs systems integration

    by Peter Skouhus

    Why your business needs systems integration If your business uses data from various software, systems, and applications to complete vital parts of your operation, it is a must that your systems work s...

  • Published date: 9 August 2018

    Key terminologies used in mobile app development

    by Peter Skouhus

    The terminologies programmers use when discussing mobile app development can be intimidating and may sound too complex to understand. But take heart. With simple enlightenment, even a non-technical pe...

  • Published date: 8 August 2018

    How do you find the right IT company?

    by Peter Skouhus

    We have all tried to look for a programmer or IT company to handle development tasks for our website, webshop, mobile app, or business software. Often, the search for the right software company become...

  • Published date: 1 August 2018

    How to make an app and get a lot of downloads

    by Peter Skouhus

    Are you thinking of having an app but don’t have any experience in doing an IT project? This blog is for you.  I will describe the process of creating an app, give tips on several options you have,...

  • Published date: 31 July 2017

    Think MVP: Forget about big projects—they never get finished

    by Peter Skouhus

    Here’s how a normal project start-up goes: A project is conceptualized and is aimed at making a dent in the universe. To execute it, an IT supplier is identified after a careful examination of the l...