Getting started with your IT project

Ready for a hassle-free IT partnership? This is how we start up a software development project at 1902 Software.

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As a complete end-to-end IT solutions provider, we are experienced in taking on projects at different stages in the development cycle. Here are the different types of services that we offer:
  • Project development, where we develop a system from the ground up—for example, brand new webshops, websites, or mobile apps
  • Special development, where we develop special plugins or modules to supplement an existing system
  • System upgrade, where we upgrade an existing system—for example, upgrading a webshop to the latest Magento version
  • Day-to-day support, where we handle the small ad hoc maintenance tasks for your system that require a developer or designer
  • Graphic design, such as UI and UX design for websites, webshops, and mobile apps, brochures, banners, video animation, etc.
1902 Software usually handles the project management, but would like to do it in cooperation with your own project managers. With some exceptions, the customer will not have direct communication with developers and designers as based on our experience, this only leads to misunderstandings. Everything concerning the project, including the assignment and prioritization of tasks, is carried out by our own project managers in cooperation with the customer.

Changes that prove necessary to the project—either due to misunderstandings in the original requirement specifications or because of new and better options that have come up—are, of course, carried out by 1902 Software. As a rule, the changes will be made after the project is completed in order to avoid long delays and budget overruns.

Getting started with 1902 software

We conduct meetings and other project communication through email, Skype, or our own project management system. We have learned to work with time differences and utilize it for a more efficient collaboration. We only engage with customers located in time zones that at least has four overlapping working hours with our own. This allows us enough time to hold meetings as well as deliver finished tasks that our customers can wake up to in the following day.

If you want to meet the people working on your project, you are very welcome to visit us here in Manila. Our office is a 2-minute walk from a 5-star hotel that we have a good deal with.

Get a call from Peter within 24 hours and have a conversation about your requirements.