Join our world-class team

If you excel in a quiet, clean, conducive, and organized workplace, then 1902 Software may just be what you’re looking for. Here are ten reasons you should work with us:

  1. You receive competitive salaries. Our compensations are at par with big multinationals—but without the shifting. Plus, you receive these allowances: meal and transportation, rice and insurance subsidies, and de minimis. You also get perfect attendance cash incentive, as well as accident insurance coverage.
  2. You generously get the latest in hardware and software technologies. You use fast and fully loaded PCs, dedicated Internet access, gadgets for testing, and top-of-the-line development tools.
  3. You work at daytime; there is no night shift.
  4. You work on varied and multiple projects, so your skills are continuously sharpened.
  5. You program to your heart’s content. We’re not a support group, so you’re not a tech support.
  6. You get certified. Show us technical proficiency, and we’ll have you appropriately certified for your skills—all paid by the company including review materials. Be counted among our ranks of Microsoft and Magento Certified Developers.
  7. We’re a Microsoft Certified Partner organization, assuring you of our competency.
  8. You work in a pleasant environment that’s conducive to thinking.
  9. You’re surrounded by team-oriented colleagues—managers and teammates who are ready to lend you their helping hand. We have a work culture where your colleagues actively collaborate with you so you succeed in your work.
  10. We’re located in laidback southern metropolis—so you don’t struggle for hours in heavy traffic traveling to people-pack business centers. We’re so close to places where you can build your dream house!

See all these for yourself. Check out our job openings and join us!