Facts about 1902

Training. More than 4,000 hours of employee training per year.

Technical certifications. 25% of our employees have one or more technical certifications (Magento, Microsoft, or Xamarin).

Work environment. Employee’s average length of stay is 5 years.

Expertise. Project manager’s average age is 34.

Experience. Employee’s average age is 31.

Pre-production training. 2.5 months of training for newly hired developers before they work on customer projects.

Webshop expertise. We’ve made 400 various online shops over the last 5 years.

Magento proficiency. We’ve had 100,000 development hours in Magento over the last 5 years.

Fast turnaround. Tasks are generally resolved within 24 hours.

No subcontractors. All projects are done internally; we do not subcontract tasks.

No fixed costs. No minimum purchase; therefore, no fixed costs nor monthly minimum.

Fair prices. We give fair prices, often lower than international IT firms.

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