Our people

We are committed towards bringing the best IT services to our clients and bringing the best out of our people. Work with us and get high quality IT service.

Get to know Peter

Peter is Danish. He started 1902 Software Development in Manila in 1998 and has lived in the Philippines since then. Peter oversees the company's operations and sales. He speaks fluent Danish, English, and German. Well traveled and passionate about history and technology, Peter documents his experiences through photography. He runs everyday, an avid biker on weekends, and loves reading books on espionage, history, and war.    

Get to know Angel

Angel rose from being a 1902 intern to becoming 1902's reliable Chief Operations Officer. She shattered barriers in the industry, thanks to her proactive, organized, and team-player spirit that's admired by her colleagues. These traits were inherent within her at a young age, as showcased when she graduated cum laude with a degree of Information Technology from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. At home, she loves to stay updated with local and international news and is a devoted sister-friend to her only sibling. She's a huge fan of DLSU Lady Spikers volleyball team and enjoys watching K-drama and anime.

Get to know Paul
VP for Technical Operations

Paul is a highly skilled technical architect and has spent a career in the IT industry spanning three decades. He's been with 1902 Software Development for more than 22 years and has witnessed how 1902 works with clients year in and year out. Paul is known to most of his friends and colleagues as technology savvy, though not many are aware that he's an artist as well. He sings and composes music as a hobby, and is very much into photography.

Get to know MK
Director for Magento Development

MK currently oversees all project managers for Magento as well as maintains client relations. She's breaking the glass ceiling and rising to the top from being a developer, to senior developer, to project manager, and now Director for Magento. She is meticulous on all projects and practices a straightforward, no-nonsense communication style. Her petite and fine ways are a sheer contrast to her strong and determined will, traits that endear her to clients and colleagues alike. At home, MK is a doting mom who enjoys watching YouTube videos with her daughter. She also spends her leisure time watching movies, and, occasionally, interesting TV series on Netflix.

Get to know Pam
Head of Talent & Culture

Pam takes care of human resources and communication at 1902 Software. She works to find technical talents and maintain good employee relations. Pam has been a hot yoga practitioner for years, a bookworm, and a big fan of surrealist novels. She was a former college instructor and has deep interest in academic research. She has a master's degree in Journalism and has completed academic subjects for PhD in Applied Linguistics. 

Get to know Riza
Financial Comptroller

Riza is a graduate of Accountancy at Tarlac State University and has more than 15 years of experience in general and financial accounting. She oversees the company’s financial management and daily accounting operations. Down-to-earth and always jolly, Riza is a certified foodie and loves to cook for her family and friends. She collects cookbooks and experiments on various dishes. As a busy working mom, Riza multitasks as a tutor, mentor, and role model to her kids. 

Get to know Fritz
Software Architecture Manager

Fritz is known to his colleagues for his profound technical expertise and highly analytical mind. He’s a Microsoft developer at heart, but has proficiently used a wide array of programming platforms and languages throughout his IT career. He is a Philippine Science High School alumnus and completed Computer Science from AMA University. Fritz is a hardcore gamer of strategic and RPG games, and an avid collector of cards and small war planes such as Tom Cat and the latest F-35. He also likes watching movies, dining out, and listening to alternative rock music.

Get to know Marcelo
Senior Project Manager

To his colleagues who know him as a man of few words, Jun is a friendly guy whose mild temperament and good sense of humor create ease among his big team of webshop developers. Jun earned his Computer Science degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman, and has been in the IT industry for more than ten years. As project manager, Jun describes himself as his team’s principal, teacher, and guidance counselor all rolled into one. He loves writing and is into spectator sports of basketball and badminton. He likes reading sci-fi and mystery novels.

Get to know Ryan
Senior Project Manager

Ryan manages open source web projects at 1902 Software. Besides being a highly technical person, Ryan is also a multi-faceted guy of the arts. He can belt out a tune and has background in theater acting. He ventured into photography and played a lot of volleyball. Ryan is known to his colleagues as amicable, with his direct but relaxed management style. He's also the life of the party with his contagious sense of humor. Ryan is a devoted father to his three children.

Get to know Kathleen
Project Manager

Kath oversees WordPress projects and teams. She earned her degree in Computer Science from the University of the Philippines and has been a technical brain in web development for more than a decade. Soft-spoken and highly refined, Kath is valued by her colleagues for her calm and collected approach to project management, on top of her technical acuity. She’s passionate about updating herself with current programming techniques even when not at work. During her downtime, Kath enjoys watching feel-good, romantic-comedy movies.

Get to know JC
Project Manager

JC is one of the young bloods in our management team. JC is the kind of leader who keeps an eye on his team’s growth beyond their technical core skills. He is recognized by his teammates for having a balanced and methodical style as a Magento project manager. Outside work, JC is an avid fan of badminton. He’s been a member of badminton clubs in Manila and Laguna where he actively plays. He also enjoys playing mobile games. A gentle family man at heart, JC is immersed in his fatherhood journey and spends fun time with his family, including their cat and dog.

Get to know Eric
Project Manager

Eric has been with 1902 for over five years before he became a full-fledged Project Manager. He completed the degree, Information Technology, from De La Salle University Dasmarinas. When he was a developer, Eric was valued for his approachable and supportive nature, which became more evident when he stepped into his recent leadership role. Outside work, he is a powerlifter, actively competing and winning medals for his sport. Despite being a muscle man, Eric is actually a gentle and devoted father who enjoys spending time with his son, helping him with his schoolwork and playing games with him.

Get to know John
Project Manager

With over five years of experience as a developer, John's technical expertise has evolved from IBM, RPGLE, and COBOL to web and mobile development. John has come a long way since the early days of IBM and COBOL. As a technical project manager, John is responsible for ensuring his team delivers projects on time and within budget. John loves to relax with computer games, but also exercises daily. He describes himself as "adaptive," which we all agree with.

Get to know Gizelle
QA & Documentation Manager

Gizelle has been a part of 1902 Software since 2018. She started in our QA department as a tester and has worked her way up to leading the department today. Thanks to her skills and organizational abilities, Gizelle can handle even the most complex tasks smoothly. Outside of work, Gizelle bonds with her two dogs and loves gardening with her husband. As an avid book lover, she spends hours reading everything from mystery-detective novels to Japanese Manga, Korean Manhwa, adventure and fantasy.