Website and software testing services

Comprehensive testing service for websites, webshops, apps and custom software applications. Frontend and backend testing done either manually or automatically using automated testing.

We test, find, and report errors in your website, webshop, app, or software application. We work directly with your development team (internal or external team) using your reporting tools and adapt to your schedule — we test when you need it.

We will help you with your QA requirements when you start a software testing service agreement with us. This way, you do not have to set up your own QA team. Our professional testing setup has many advantages:

  • There are no minimum purchases, with our setup you can come and go with tasks as you please.
  • You will work with a dedicated team that only does testing, day in and day out.
  • We do manual testing or develop and execute automated testing scripts as needed.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience testing and developing software for different industries. We know what to look for and how to report it without offending developers and stakeholders.
  • We don’t just cover functional and UI/UX testing. We also test the technical SEO and performance of your website or webshop.
  • We work with your reporting tools (project management system) or you may use our system - also for reporting issues to your developers.
  • 1902 is a software company. Testing and fixing issues is a part of our DNA, you will take advantage of more than 20 years of experience doing that in collaboration with developers.
  • We adapt to your schedule and test when you need it, in collaboration with your developers.
  • We are coming in with ‘fresh eyes’, so aside from reporting issues, we can also give suggestions on how to improve your website or webshop based on our experience.
  • Our services do not end after reporting issues, we also work with your development team in the bug fixing / change request phase after a site or webshop has gone live.
  1. We can give you a dedicated QA for your team - If you have in-house developers, our QA team can support them in maintaining your system. This works well if you have ongoing activities where you often update your system and need a helping hand to check the output.
  2. We can work with your agency - If you are using a development agency or a freelancer to do your development, we can work directly with them and handle all the testing. This works well for companies who are happy with their current setup but would like more focus on testing.
  3. We can work with your existing QA team - Our QAs can serve as an extension of your existing testing department, to further support and speed up your testing process.
  4. We can do a project-based QA job - We collaborate with you on a single project as your QA right from the planning stage, testing after development, subsequent bug-fixing and change requests, and all the way to project completion.

One of the big advantages of using 1902 Software for QA testing is that we have a sizable custom software development operation, giving us the infrastructure to conduct different types of testing for different kinds of software projects, and allowing us to give you qualified suggestions as to how a particular problem can be resolved because we can get help from senior software developers when needed.

We test functionality, cross-compatibility, usability, technical SEO, performance, and UI/UX of:

  • Websites
  • Webshops (ecommerce sites)
  • Web applications
  • Custom software
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android)

We do frontend testing (e.g., user-facing functionalities, UI/UX) for almost any technology and platform. For backend testing, we work with MagentoWordPress and WooCommerceUmbracoPHP-based frameworks (Laravel, CodeIgniter and Phalcon), and .NET.

Our QA team is flexible — we typically adapt to your own testing process and use your existing testing tools. If you do not have an established process of your own, we can discuss how we normally do things for our own in-house testing and together decide on the best process that will work with your project.

  1. Requirements gathering and estimation - Prior to working for you, we first hold a meeting or two where we discuss your requirements as well as other details such as the tools and platforms we will use, the types and scope of testing we will do, etc.

Based on the information we have gathered from these discussions, we will come up with a testing strategy for you. Together we will identify the test techniques that will be used and create the test cases. For project-based collaboration, we also estimate the time and cost of the project.

  1. Testing - We do different kinds of testing depending on what your system calls for. Check out our page about the types of testing we do for more information.
  2. Reporting - We will file all issues according to what we have agreed (it can be through your own project management system, or if you don’t have one, we can also do it in our own system and give you access to it.)

We will adapt to your existing workflow to make it as hassle-free as possible for your own internal or external team.

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