WooCommerce development, support and optimization

Get a WooCommerce shop optimized for sales and conversions, and day-to-day support with 24 hours typical turnaround time. We also take over and continue existing webshops.

  • WordPress WooCommerce development from the ground up, and post-project maintenance
  • Custom design, either completely from scratch or modification of a template
  • Takeover and maintenance of existing WooCommerce webshops or stalled projects
  • Technical setup, installation, and configuration on your selected hosting server
  • Multi-channel integrations with different systems such as ERPPIMInventory, and more
  • Development of custom extensions if there are no available ones that meet your specific requirements
  • Automated testing for critical modules and functions
  • Technical SEO and speed optimization

WooCommerce is a free plugin that turns WordPress CMS into an ecommerce platform.

It comes with out-of-the-box features and functionalities for creating basic webshop pages (product, cart, and checkout), payment methods, shipping configurations, and integrations with select web services. Aside from traditional ecommerce setups for selling physical products, WooCommerce can also be used for managing subscriptions and membership sites.

As the most widely used platform for ecommerce (according to latest stats from BuiltWith), you can also find plenty of free and paid themes, extensions, and integration options available in the market that enable you to extend WooCommerce’s functionalities and customize features according to your own brand and business strategies.

Learn more about WooCommerce here.

  1. WooCommerce is fully open source. This means that you don't have the same limitations you may have with other proprietary systems.
  2. Open source also means that you are not tied down to WordPress WooCommerce and can easily export or migrate your webshop data to another system should you want to. With a WordPress ecommerce site, you won't be locked-in to your supplier.
  3. It’s translated into 24 languages, making it easier to manage your webshop in your preferred language.
  4. WooCommerce is supported by a vast community of developers and users, so it’s easier to find help for support questions or find a compatible extension that fits your requirements without needing to have it custom-made.
  1. Users who have used WordPress or are at least familiar with the CMS. Since WooCommerce is built on WordPress, it will be relatively easier for you to adapt to the platform and reduce the time it usually takes to learn a new system.
  2. Ecommerce website owners who are looking for professional help in the development and support of their system. Because of its open source nature, it’s easier to find a specialist WooCommerce developer, compared to proprietary systems.
  3. Users who want good design or theme options for their ecommerce site. “Storefront”, the free and official WooCommerce theme, already comes with a wide range of features that you may need for your webshop, and if you have other preferences, there are many different theme options for WooCommerce available in the market. You can also hire a designer to create a custom design or modify your chosen template.
  4. Users who need a wide range of functionalities for their webshop. WooCommerce is highly customizable with extensions beyond the basic functionalities of the free plugin.
  5. Webshop owners who want to be able to manage their ecommerce website on the go, with the WooCommerce mobile app.

We have a dedicated team of WooCommerce developers who are highly experienced with development of WordPress projects, big or small. A typical 1902 WooCommerce developer has a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology, and has minimum 4-5 years of work experience.

All of our developers go through a structured training that includes SEO, speed, and UX optimization. New developers undergo this two-month training before working for customer projects, while our tenured developers continue to attend in-house training and refresher workshops.

Extensions, also sometimes called “plugins” or modules”, add new features or improve the existing functionalities of a system.

WooCommerce is in itself a plugin or extension for WordPress that brings in ecommerce functionalities on top of the traditional CMS features that WordPress has. As such, many extensions made for WordPress can also be used alongside WooCommerce.

Aside from this, there are also extensions made specifically for WooCommerce. These provide additional ecommerce capabilities that serve to extend the built-in functions within WooCommerce.

You can find both free and paid extensions in WooCommerce’s official extensions store, a catalogue of their own extensions, as well as others that are created by other developers and reviewed by the WooCommerce team. There are also other marketplaces online that offer WooCommerce extensions, like CodeCanyon.net.

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