Price estimation and project planning process

Read about our process for price estimation and project planning. We prepare different types of estimates depending on what the project calls for.

A rough estimate is a projection of how much time and money will go into developing a project. It’s given verbally by the project manager, usually during the first or second meeting, once we have an idea of the project’s scope. Our project managers have years of experience with different kinds of projects that they can often tell where the project is likely to land price-wise during this stage.

This rough estimate can help the client evaluate if 1902 Software is the right fit for the project. If the client decides to continue, we’ll then proceed to prepare a written estimate.

A price estimate is a more detailed estimate that’s given to the client in writing, where the estimated time and cost is broken down into the different tasks involved in the project.

We use AI/machine learning to help us come up with more accurate estimates. Our project management estimation tool compares the hours spent on previous tasks of similar nature, then after a recalculation, provides suggestions for adjustment that the project manager can accept or ignore.

A project plan is a comprehensive document that includes the price estimate, defines the scope of the project, lists all its specifications, explains technical considerations, and sets expectations between 1902 Software and the client.

Project plans are usually created for bigger and more complex projects — typically projects that we develop from scratch or take 200 - 300 hours or more to complete.

Initial meetings and requirements gathering

  • For new clients, we first set up an introductory meeting, often with Peter Skouhus, to determine if we can take on the project.
  • You then meet with a project manager who gives you a rough estimate. If you decide to work with us, we review your requirements further and make a written price estimate or project plan (see above to understand the difference).
  • At the same time, we also conduct an onboarding interview to get to know you as a client, your experience, previous problems, future plans etc.

Review and estimate

This process applies to projects where we take over and continue maintenance of an existing system (i.e. ad hoc projects, system upgrades, etc.)

1. Following the initial meeting and onboarding interview, we need access to your system, i.e., administrative login, access to the source code, FTP credentials, etc. so we can do an overall review. We also offer an in depth review service.

2. Next, we meet with you to discuss the review and your requirements.

3. We prepare a detailed estimate based on what we discussed in our meeting.

4. Finally, we present the estimate to you in a meeting, where we also iron out minor details. Normally you get an updated estimate following the meeting, reflecting what was discussed and agreed on.

5. Upon your final approval, we start the project.

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