Xamarin app development for Android and iOS

We do cross-platform app development with Xamarin. Save up to 50% on Android and iOS development cost with our team of certified Xamarin developers. We are one call away.

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a cross-platform development tool. Using Xamarin, developers can save both time and cost because Xamarin only requires one source code base for iOS and Android, as opposed to 2 source code bases required when developing apps natively (one for iOS and one for Android).

With Xamarin, a savings of anything from 35% to 50% is achievable depending on the complexity of the app.

  1. Lower cost and faster development due to code sharing.
  2. Xamarin is developed using C# programming language, a highly popular programming language developed by Microsoft.
  3. When operating systems are updated, the different apps are easier to maintain because there is only one code base, and much of the work is done automatically by Xamarin updates.
  4. Xamarin builds native apps, giving a much better performance as opposed to other cross-platform development tools that use JavaScript as its programming language.
  5. Xamarin is owned and backed by Microsoft. Thus, it’s likely to be around for many years, as compared to other lesser-known cross-platform frameworks.
Besides sharing the code base between the different app platforms, Xamarin also allows developers to use the same code in the app as in the backend system. For instance, the code used for encryption and decryption is exactly the same in Xamarin as it is on the Windows server used for the database backend. This saves development time.

Since Xamarin is a relatively new technology, 1902 Software has embarked on training our existing developers in-house rather than hire Xamarin developers. A typical app developer at 1902 Software, therefore, has background as an iOS developer, Android developer, or as a Microsoft web developer proficient in C#.

Before new developers begin programming in Xamarin, they undergo extensive training following the program outlined by Xamarin University, in addition to our proprietary in-house training system. The typical training period is about 3 months for existing app developers, and 4 to 5 months for web developers transitioning to mobile app development.

Roughly a year after they have learned and used Xamarin, our app developers take the Xamarin Technical Certification to solidify their competence in this platform. About 70% of our app developers are Xamarin-certified, aside from the C# developers who previously attained one or more Microsoft Technical Certifications in application development.

Most apps have a back-end system where data are stored (the database) and the system is managed. Xamarin developers who transition from web development can program the back-end system, as well as the app. With this, they have knowledge about the app and its back-end, putting them in the best position to reuse code in either the app or the back-end system, a huge technical advantage over non-Xamarin developers who only focus on one part of the system (exclusively the app, or exclusively the back-end).

Besides the formal training, we also have a buddy system where new Xamarin developers are paired up with experienced developers for support as the former gains proficiency.

In addition to this buddy system, new developers are supported by seasoned project managers. We also do code review across all technical teams to ensure that the codes of our developers remain to be of high quality.

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