Magento development, support, optimization

Get a Magento ecommerce site optimized for sales and conversions, and day-to-day support with 24 hours typical turnaround time. We also take over and continue existing webshops.

Why companies choose 1902

With 1902, you get a reliable partner for your Magento needs — whether it’s developing a webshop from scratch, or handling the day-to-day updates that any modern ecommerce company needs but finds difficult to get done – we have you covered all the way.

1902 doesn’t just offer development, we also support your business’ growth by constantly sharing our know-how in the latest trends and best practices, and helping you optimize your site for user experience and conversions — and we do all this at competitive rates.

Our collaboration has worked very well; they have helped us with the design, CMS and special adaptations where we have been in close coordination with project managers who are highly knowledgeable and competent, and have helped to manage the project to our full satisfaction.

Claus Jensen
  • End-to-end ecommerce solution, from development to daily webshop maintenance
  • Import and configuration of products, variants, and prices
  • Installation and configuration to your chosen hosting server
  • Development of custom Magento extensions (if the functionality is not available in the marketplace)
  • Speed optimization and technical SEO
  • Taking over and continuing stalled Magento projects

1902 has done an excellent job on our website. They care about optimizing both big issues and smaller detailed ones. The service level is high and the reply rate is impeccable.

Azra Bihorac
E-commerce Manager

  • Unique webshop design conceptualized by our designers, or
  • Customization of an existing Magento theme
  • Product pages and checkout flow optimization based on ecommerce UX research
  • Branding, product images, and marketing graphics

1902 has highly professional and skilled people who can think independently, come with inputs and feedback on your ideas, and generally, are solution-oriented as they work hard to resolve your problems.

Kenneth Jensen
Raasdal Trading

…We’re very satisfied with what has been delivered. They must have great praise for their service and speed in the solution / delivery of tasks.

Steen Grønlund
Henning Stæhr

  • Magento 2 upgrade planning
  • Migration of data and setting up of templates
  • Validation and installation of third party extensions
  • Integrations with third-party systems
  • Speed optimization and technical SEO, including Core Web Vitals
  • Post-upgrade Magento support

We worked with 1902 software to design the front-end of and to develop highly advanced solutions…the results were very pleasing, but nevertheless, we have chosen to have the project continued by a Danish development company… After a year, however, we chose to return to 1902 Software. We have a great partnership and good relationship with Marcelo and his team.

Mads Bygballe Christiansen

  • ERP systems (e.g., Navision, e-conomic, SAP, etc.)
  • PIM systems (e.g., Akeneo, inRiver, etc.)
  • Affiliate systems (e.g, TradeDoubler)
  • General B2B integration (e.g., synchronize inventory, prices, and other features with your own or your supplier’s systems)
  • Automation of shipping by integrating with drop shipping providers
  • Integration with cash registers (POS)
  • Automation of internal business processes
  • Social media (importing or integrating your product catalog with Facebook shopping and dynamic ads)

We typically use Magento extensions when doing integrations. If a specific extension is not available, we develop it ourselves.

When your webshop page loads fast, your customers get better user experience and you increase your chances of ranking high on Google search (among other things). We normally conduct the following optimizations to ensure that your ecommerce site loads as fast as possible and is especially optimized for Google’s Core Web Vitals and page experience score:

  • Minification of JavaScript and CSS files
  • Cleaning up of CSS
  • Reducing the size of images used in the webshop
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) setup and configuration
  • Setup and configuration of Varnish and Memcache caching. (Varnish and Memcache often require a special hosting plan and not all hosting companies offer it.)
  • Installation and configuration of Cloudflare firewall
  • Preloading and prefetching resources and third-party domains
  • Controlling font-display

You can have the best webshop in the world, but if it’s not seen online by your customers, you won’t have any sales. While you can advertise through Google or Facebook for more visibility, the most cost-effective option is by doing SEO (search engine optimization) to drive organic traffic to your site.

In addition to our technical knowledge in Magento, we also have a lot of experience in working with SEO experts where we do the technical work from their specific suggestions.

Learn more about the scope of our technical SEO assistance.

We can migrate all data (products, inventory, customer data, etc.) from your existing webshop to a new (or existing) Magento ecommerce site.

Prior to having your new webshop developed, it must be determined how data can be exported from your old webshop to the new shop. We will advise you on how that can be done, and will of course do the technical work, but you will have to get us the data access needed so that we can copy data to the new shop. It can be complicated, especially if you are using a proprietary system. From experience, companies offering proprietary systems are usually less cooperative when their customers want to switch to another platform.

If on the other hand you are upgrading an old Magento webshop or moving from a WordPress WooCommerce shop to Magento, it is usually not a problem.

Note: We’ve had scenarios where the client’s previous proprietary ecommerce system did not allow for their webshop data to be copied or exported when they wanted to migrate to Magento. The only solution was to re-enter all products, customer data, and inventory information manually. They also had to accept that they lost all their transactional data in the process.

It is possible to run "scraping"—a program that ‘spiders through’ a webshop, then copies texts, prices, and photos into a database so that the data can be exported to Magento. The drawback is that it is not 100% perfect and is very time consuming and expensive to do.

  • Magento developer - Get to know the Magento-certified team developing and supporting your ecommerce site.
  • Magento support - Find out more about our worry-free support setup for daily Magento maintenance.
  • Magento ecommerce - Learn about Magento as an ecommerce platform and how it can help your business.
  • Magento extensions - Magento is highly customizable, with extensions for almost every imaginable functionality. Learn more about what you can do with Magento extensions.
  • Magento design - Choose between a theme or a custom design. Know the difference between the two and how to choose the right option for you.
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