App development

Our goal is to make app development both easy and inexpensive. We eliminate unnecessary cost by streamlining process and communication.

1902 Software develops mobile apps either as individual projects or in addition to existing portals, webshops, or websites, with our own department of mobile application developers. When we develop your app:

  • We manage the entire process including: planning, design, development, and publishing to AppStore, Google Play, and Windows Store.
  • Post project support is done by the same team who developed your app.
  • We use Xamarin for cross-platform development which is faster and less expensive than building apps natively. But we can also develop natively for Android, iOS (Xcode), and Windows (C#.Net).
  • All our mobile app developers have Xamarin technical certifications.
  • We use a project management tool that ensures transparency. Among other things, the system allows you to communicate directly with the technical or design project manager throughout the process.
  • At the end of your project, you will receive a copy of the source code and database.

Talk to Peter Skouhus and see how 1902 Software can solve your challenges in mobile app development.

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Peter Skouhus
Founder and owner of 1902 Software since 1998

Peter Skouhus
Founder and owner of 1902 Software since 1998


You’ll collaborate with our designers to come up with the app interface that represents your brand.

  • Wireframe
  • UX
  • Design
  • Developer-review


We don’t sub-contract. All development is done in our office in Manila.

  • We program apps for Apple, Android, and Windows mobile
  • We integrate with existing IT systems (CRM, ERP, etc.)
  • We test the app along with you and your team
  • Subsequently, we optimize the app, make adjustments, and implement updates


Our back-end team ensures seamless exchanges of data.

  • Planning
  • Communicating directly with third parties about data exchange
  • Programming of the mechanism used for exchanging data between systems
  • Programming administrative interface (optional)


We help publish and maintain your app.

  • Prepare submission materials required by AppStore, Google Play, and Windows Store
  • Publish your app in AppStore, Google Play, and Windows Store
  • Installing the back-end systems (optional)
  • Create app adjustments when iOS, Android, or Windows release updates