End-to-end mobile app development for Android and iOS

Get your mobile app developed for optimal user experience. We do native and cross-platform development, as well as take over unfinished app projects and bring them to completion.

End-to-end development solution from planning to implementation

  • Native app development for either iOS or Android
  • Cross-platform development using Xamarin for iOS and Android
  • Development of the backend administrative system including setup and configuration of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or whichever hosting platform you choose (optional)
  • Integration with existing business systems (e.g., CRM, ERPPIM, etc.)
  • Post-project support, optimizations, adjustments, and updates
  • Preparing submission materials required by Apple and Google
  • Publishing your app in App Store and Google Play
  • Installing and maintaining the backend systems (optional)
  • Making adjustments and fixing bugs when iOS or Android is updated. (This usually happens once a year.)
  • Native app development - Want to develop an app specifically for iOS or Android only? Native development is for you.
  • Cross-platform development with Xamarin - If you want your app to be for both iOS and Android, cross-platform development helps you save time and money since the code is the same for both platforms.
  • App developer - Learn about our in-house app developers who will work on your project.

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