WordPress development and support

We offer custom design and development of  new WordPress websites, a WordPress support setup for daily maintenance tasks, and a dedicated WordPress project manager who works with you on a daily basis.

Let’s talk about your project
  • You can choose a pre-designed theme or collaborate with our web designers for custom layout and design.
  • We take care of the technical setup, installation, and configuration of the website on your selected hosting server.
  • We provide subsequent support—delivered to you by the same team who developed your site.
  • We identify rooms for improvement and resolve development oversights.
  • We work on the optimization and debugging of your WordPress pages, plugins, or theme.
  • We add minor features and install the latest updates to WordPress and plugins.
  • We help in implementing PIM systems (for WordPress-based e-commerce sites, e.g., WooCommerce).
  • We develop custom WordPress plugins for special functionalities that are not available with commercial plugins.
  • We help in the optimization of your website’s speed, UX, and conversion rate.
  • We identify SEO errors and provide recommendations on how they can be resolved.
  • We integrate your website or webshop with internal or external IT systems as needed.
  • We assist in securing and protecting your WordPress website against cyber attacks, usually in collaboration with your hosting company.
  • A reliable WordPress development company with proven expertise
  • A dedicated team of a project manager, front-end and back-end WordPress developers, web designers, and software testers collaborating on your project
  • High-quality output delivered on the agreed time, at a reasonable price
  • Unmatched customer service—we provide quick and efficient response to WordPress support requests
WordPress web design and development

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Peter Skouhus
Founder and owner of 1902 Software since 1998

Peter Skouhus
Founder and owner of 1902 Software since 1998