Website development, support, and optimization

Get a website optimized for conversions, and day-to-day support with 24 hours typical turnaround time. We also take over and continue support of existing websites.

Why companies choose 1902

With 1902, you get a reliable partner for all your website needs — whether it’s developing a website from scratch, or handling the day-to-day updates that any modern company needs but finds difficult to get done – we have you covered all the way.

1902 doesn’t just offer development, we also support your business’ growth by constantly sharing our know-how in the latest trends and best practices, and helping you optimize your site for better user experience and conversions — and we do all this at competitive rates.

Contact with the project manager was fluid and constructive. They understood our needs and suggested alternative technical solutions… and more importantly: 9 times out of 10, they got it right the first time.


What we offer

We work with you to develop a website that represents your brand and aligns with your digital strategy. We usually get involved in the planning stage and continue to work with you after the website is finished doing updates and post-project support.

We make websites that are optimized by default for great performance, speed, technical SEO, usability, and conversions. Our in-house development team consists of certified developers with years of experience in doing web projects.

Really good service and execution of the task. You are in safe hands from start to finish. Our contact Ryan was good at understanding the task and always came up with quick answers. Love recommendation for 1902 software.

Martin Lauridsen
Staby Fliser

Enhance the user experience with a seamless UI/UX design for your website. We can create a completely custom design for your business, or modify a premade theme or template according to your needs.

We have certified UX professionals in our design and QA testing team who make sure that your website aligns with best practices in web development and are primed for conversions.

With ideas from their creative team, we have now a better interaction with our customers, a better presentation of our products and an easier way to be reached out. They were able make our site very functional, but with a modern, clean and cool design.

Torben Pedersen

Our post-project support setup takes away the hassle of daily website maintenance after your project is completed. We make sure that the same team who developed your website is the same one responsible for subsequent support.

We handle continuous optimization, system updates, and post-project enhancements, so your website is always up-to-date and in its optimal condition.

1902 Software has provided great service and support throughout, and we will certainly use them for future projects.

Henriette Lippert Andersen
We can come in at any stage of development, including taking over stalled projects or websites developed by another company. Our developers have extensive experience in immersing into existing projects and solving problems quickly and efficiently.

We also take over the daily maintenance and take care of technical SEO, speed, and UX optimization, security patches, and system updates.

I can warmly recommend their service. The quality is top and so is the easyness.

Andreas Kirk Hedegaard


Content management systems offer a lot of out-of-the-box features and functionalities for most website implementations. They can also be extended with new functionalities if the default options don't fully cover your requirements.

WordPress | Umbraco

For businesses with more unique requirements or larger feature sets needed, frameworks are an attractive choice since they offer a greater degree of customizability than a CMS.

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