Our work environment

We are a foreign-managed company catering to a multi-cultural market for 23+ years. Our work culture embodies discipline and organization to provide our clients high service. Learn more about our work environment.

At 1902 Software, you'll have the opportunities to hone your skills while working with some of the best IT professionals in Manila. This is how we work:

  • We take our tasks seriously.
  • We are disciplined and organized.
  • We are very particular in meeting our deadlines.
  • We observe punctuality and are strict with attendance.
  • We communicate in a highly direct and straightforward manner.
  • We practice open communication. We encourage healthy assertiveness among our colleagues. Our developers discuss their ideas with managers, without thinking of positions, but of what’s good for the project.
  • We don’t take work-related discussions personally.
  • We all make mistakes. We’re all human and, thus, deserve a second chance.
  • We address each other on a first-name basis and we don’t use titles like sir, mister, and ma’am.
  • We wear casual clothes to work in.
  • We know how to have fun. We regularly do office activities to get the laughter rolling, such as outings, team building, party, programs, and fun office challenges. Our parties are notoriously fun-filled.
  • We make sure we help our colleagues when they’re in need. It’s not our mindset to leave our teammates stranded.
  • We strive as a group while recognizing individual performance. We give credit to whom the credit is due. We regularly vote for Team Players and we randomly give a Carrot Award to good performers.
  • Seniority and age do not always translate into high-quality outputs. Everybody has an equal chance for promotion. There is no favoritism regardless of sex, race, or personal beliefs.