Umbraco – the content management system built on ASP.NET

Umbraco is known as a flexible and friendly CMS. Learn more about what it is and what you can do with it to see if it’s the right fit for your website/webshop.

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is an open source content management system (CMS) built on Microsoft ASP.NET framework. It was first released in February 2005 and has since grown rapidly, now having more than 700,000 active installations. You can read more about Umbraco here.

Why use Umbraco?

Umbraco is highly extensible, which allows designers and developers to customize an Umbraco website depending on their specific business requirements, and integrate it with third-party systems such as ERP, CRM, PIM, inventory management systems, and mobile apps.

Using an open source CMS like Umbraco is also a cost-effective choice when developing websites or web applications as opposed to using a proprietary system, where you run the risk of getting into a vendor lock-in situation.

At Seeland International we rely heavily on a workflow with a partner that can deliver both ad-hoc solutions on a day to day basis as well as full scale projects with dedicated resources and experts working together to deliver.

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With ASP.NET as its foundation, Umbraco can be used as a platform for many applications, such as:
  • Classic CMS for maintaining a company website
  • Ecommerce (e.g., with packages like uCommerce or Vendr)
  • Publishing updated content to multiple servers (e.g., global websites, news media sites)
  • Custom web applications
  • Social media sites

You can choose between a premade theme or a completely custom UI/UX design for your Umbraco site.

With a wide range of themes available in online marketplaces, you’re likely to find one that represents your brand. Using a theme also won’t cost as much as having your website designed and developed from scratch. We normally encourage customers to choose a theme and then we do modifications to the purchased theme to better fit your branding.

(Learn more about the difference between using themes and custom design.)

If the commercial themes available don’t suit you, our design team can create a custom design that meets your exact branding requirements. Or if you have your own designers, we can work with them as well.

Read more about our design process »

Extending the functionalities of Umbraco is almost limitless. You can use off-the-shelf packages (Umbraco's version of extensions or plugins) for this, or—if you can’t find one that fits your specific requirements—we can develop a custom package for you.

There are currently more than 1,200 packages developed for Umbraco. Check out Our Umbraco to get an idea on the kind of packages available for Umbraco sites.

Umbraco is supported by many hosting providers.

For smaller setups, a shared or dedicated server with a hosting provider that you’re already using will suffice. For bigger solutions, using Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure may be a better option for scalability. Umbraco also offers their hosting solution through Umbraco Cloud.

When you get started with us, we also help you choose a hosting company that best fits your situation. Whatever you choose, we can handle the setup, installation, and configuration of your site.