Getting stalled software projects done

We offer completion of software projects that are stalled or on-hold for various reasons. Our expert team of developers will work with you to get your project moving towards completion.

Do you have a stranded software project or one that was put on hold? Are you looking for a new developer to take over and complete the project?

At 1902 Software, we have many years of experience in successfully immersing ourselves into challenging projects and getting them finished.

Here’s how we save your stalled project:

  1. We get started with a few initial meetings, requirements gathering, and onboarding. During this start-up phase, you will be assigned an experienced project manager who will take control of your project. (Read more about getting started with 1902 Software)
  2. We create a backup of the source codes and database of your system.
  3. We install a copy of your system in our local network or on a staging server.
  4. Once we have reviewed all source code and databases, we prepare a technical report describing the structure and quality of the code.
  5. We work hand-in-hand with you in reviewing the report. Together, we decide what’s best for your project. It’s rare that we find projects that are not worth finishing.

For us to be able to take over the project and help you finish it, we need:

  • All the usernames and passwords for the project (CMS, webshop, Google accounts, server, FTP, database, etc.). We can help you get usernames and passwords, as well as verify that the ones you got are working.
  • A copy of the latest and most up-to-date source codes, database, PSD file(s), as well as product images for webshops, etc.
  • Sometimes, your previous developer gives you access to a so-called Github source code repository; other times, you just get a ZIP file with the source code. Remember that when you change your software developer, you take what you can get then solve the problems afterwards.
  • If you’re unsure on how to get this done, we're ready to assist you.

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