Software projects – how we work

We manage and develop software projects, from startup to handover to clients. Learn more about how we work and how to work with us. Get your software projects done at low cost without sacrificing quality.

  • Getting started - How to start a project with us, from initial contact to project kickoff
  • Design process - Our design team’s typical workflow for different types of design projects
  • Development process - How we build systems, from development and testing to project launch
  • Ad hoc support and maintenance - Our support setup for small maintenance tasks on existing systems
  • System upgrade - How we help in upgrading systems to the current version (OS, CMS, etc.)
  • Is your project stalled? - How we take over stalled projects started by another developer and help bring them to completion
  • SEO service scope - The scope of our involvement with your site’s SEO, especially technical SEO setup and assistance
  • Project management - How our project management setup works and our project managers’ general profile
  • Full stack developer - Our “full stack development” solution and how it can help your business
  • Outsourcing of IT project - The benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing software development to an offshore supplier

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