Custom software development

We develop and support custom software ranging from small plugins to large software applications. We offer our 22+ years of experience and a reliable team of developers to work on your software customization needs. 

What is custom software?

A custom software is a system or application built with a specific set of requirements, usually addressing a business’ unique needs—as opposed to off-the-shelf software systems that serve a more general purpose and are designed to cater to a wider variety of business cases.

It can be as simple as plugins for CMS like WordPress or Umbraco, extensions for e-commerce platforms like Magento, or add-ons for desktop applications like Microsoft Office. It can also be customized systems for businesses from small to enterprise levels, complex e-commerce or booking systems, and web, mobile, or desktop applications.

The project has been completely successful and we’ve gotten a super nice service, for which we are very happy. There is no doubt that 1902 can help us through their services.

Martin Thorborg

Using ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, or PHP frameworks (Laravel, CodeIgniter, or Phalcon)

  • Web applications
  • Windows applications
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Custom plugins for WordPress, Magento, and Umbraco
  • Microsoft Office add-ons

We’ve been working with 1902 Software for many years. They’ve been a good partner for outsourcing of new it-projects.

Kristoffer Gravgaard
Ritzaus Bureau

  • Post-project support handled by the original development team
  • Takeover of existing systems for maintenance
  • Updates based on browser and operating system upgrades

With the time difference in the Philippines, we sent tasks and changes in the evening, and the next morning, they were done.

Sven Rosenaa
  • UI and UX
  • Speed and performance

In addition to wanting a sleek design, I had one overriding requirement: the top speed of the portal’s search. And I was almost blown backwards by the fantastic result!

Jonas Temløv

  • We have over 22 years of experience in developing custom software solutions for customers from different industries and business types.
  • We have a dedicated team of professional developers for web (PHP and ASP.NET) and mobile app (Native and Xamarin), as well as designers, testers, and system administrators.
  • You get full ownership of the source code of your system upon project completion.
  • You work with a trusted software company that has a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

I have used 1902 for several projects over the last 7-8 years and I am very satisfied. Professional and good service. Exceptionally good project management and very pleasant people to work with.

Mikkel deMib Svendsen

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When do you need custom software development?

Custom software development is not usually the first choice for a new project, since most of the time, you can find an existing system that can already cover your requirements with little to no customizations needed. So when should you choose to develop custom software? Here are some factors you can consider.

Standard off-the-shelf systems are often built with only the common features that most businesses need, which is why more often than not, custom software is used for internal applications than client-facing systems.

If you need a more specific functionality and you can’t find an existing system that has it, then you need to have it custom-developed.

Custom software development is not only for standalone applications, but can also be for extensions or add-ons to off-the-shelf systems.

One example is add-ons to Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint—you most likely won’t need a full custom-developed word processor or spreadsheet, but you may require specific features that are not available out-of-the-box. In this case, you can develop an add-on to extend the standard functionalities of these systems.

Every new system has a learning curve. Developing a custom software for your business enables you to adjust the system based exactly on your existing workflow and processes, lessening the time that your team members need to get familiar with the system.

Custom software development takes more time and therefore costs higher, which is why it’s always better to go with a ready-made system—if you can find one.

But you also have to be careful with purchasing a system and eventually making a lot of customizations down the road, as this could end up with you spending a lot more than if you had a custom software developed in the first place.

Project process

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us for your custom software development project:

  1. We start with an initial meeting where we get an overview of your project—the problem you’re trying to solve, your requirements and needs, and your initial ideas for the system.
  2. We turn you over to your dedicated project manager, who will then conduct one or two meetings with you to gather the more specific details about your project, like the technologies that will be used, features and functionalities, third-party components and modules, etc.
  3. We also conduct a non-technical onboarding interview, where we get to know your company, goals, and experience in IT development, among others, so we can better deliver the solution that you need.
  4. We create a project plan where we lay down the complete details of the project, including the description, technology choice (the what and why), and price estimates.
  5. We start the development phase. In order to stick to the original timeline and estimates as much as possible, we encourage starting with an MVP (minimum viable product) and limiting change requests when development starts. For some projects with very complicated functionalities, we may also implement unit testing during the development stage, in which developers create test cases within the code to validate that each unit of the system works properly.
  6. After development, our QA team comes in to conduct a full testing of the finished system. We also create an automated testing environment for systems that are typically changed on a regular basis (i.e., daily or weekly). Automated testing is done using a test script that automatically checks certain tasks or functions in a system without the need for manual testing by human testers.
  7. We turn over the system to you for acceptance testing. Upon project completion, you also get all the source code and project materials.
  8. You may choose to continue working with us for post-project support and maintenance. This includes updating your system for security patches, or upgrades in browser and operating system versions. All support and maintenance tasks will be handled by the same team who developed the system.

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