App developer

We employ native and cross-platform developers (Xamarin), in addition to web developers, UI designers, and software testers. Our developers have at least 6 years of post-university programming experience.

Some developers have worked as app developers before joining 1902 while others are originally web developers trained for 3 to 5 months before they start working on projects.

Minimum team size

We do not have any minimum team size. If you need a developer 25% of the time, we can provide you with that, and you can scale up or down—add more developers or reduce the number—as needed.

You can even add other competencies. For instance, you may need a backend developer to work with the app developer for a period of time, or a graphic designer and PHP developer to create and build a WordPress landing page.

We can add and remove team members to your project as needed, and we can add new competencies on short notice.

Project management

Regardless of the size of the team, each project is carefully overseen by a project manager who collaborates directly with clients. Customers do not directly communicate with developers for a few crucial reasons. One, when programmers are disturbed in their work, their flow of thought is broken and it takes time to get them back into a complex plane of thought.

Second, developers dealing directly with a non-technical customer can lead to misunderstandings because developers will assume that the customer understands the technical aspects, while the customer will assume that programmers understand the business aspect of the project.

Our solution is to have a project manager between the customer and the programmer. This ensures a dedicated person who oversees the flow of the entire project, and minimizing misunderstandings, while leaving programmers to do what they’re good at: developing code.

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Peter Skouhus

Get a call from Peter and have a conversation about your requirements