Native and cross-platform mobile app developers

Work with a dedicated team of certified developers for your project. Our team has years of experience in building both native and cross-platform mobile apps.

A typical app developer at 1902 Software has experience as an iOS developer, Android developer, or as a Microsoft web developer proficient in C# (for Xamarin), and goes through in-house structured training for coding standards and UI/UX optimization.

Our team also regularly does app code reviews, refresher workshops, and knowledge sharing to ensure that our know-how in the field stays current.

A typical app project team consists of a technical and design project manager, designers, developers, and QA testers.

We don’t have fixed teams at 1902 Software — when you work with us, we put together a team based on the requirements of your project. If you need a backend developer or a PHP developer, for instance, to create a WordPress landing page for your app, we can add them to your team, too.

You may work with different developers on different projects (if they’re not similar in nature), and sometimes we may pull in a developer for one or two weeks for specific tasks that they are particularly suited for, and once the tasks are finished, the developer leaves the team again. This means that you always get the best person for the job.

Mobile apps usually have a backend system where data is stored (the database) and the system is managed.

Most of our developers transition from web to app development, and therefore can program both the app and the backend. This puts them in the best position to reuse code in either the app or the backend system — a huge technical advantage over other developers who only focus on one part of the system (exclusively the app, or exclusively the backend).

Regardless of the team size, each project is carefully overseen by a project manager who serves as the client’s primary point of contact.

Clients do not directly communicate with developers for a few crucial reasons. First, when programmers are disturbed in their work, their flow of thought gets broken and it takes time to get them back into their previous complex plane of thought. Second, developers dealing directly with a non-technical client can lead to misunderstandings because developers will assume that the client understands the technical aspects, while the client will assume that developers understand the business aspect of the project.

Our solution is to have a project manager between the client and the developer. This ensures a dedicated person who oversees the flow of the entire project, minimizing misunderstandings while leaving developers to do what they’re good at: writing code.

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