Print design and miscellaneous graphic design services

Get all your design needs done in one place. Collaborate with us on full-scale digital design projects, or use us as an extension of your in-house team for miscellaneous design tasks.

We can do the design tasks that complement your company’s digital strategy, such as icons, illustrations, animation, image and video editing, etc. We also design for print: magazines, brochures, and business collaterals.

  • Print - We create designs optimized for print — company brochures, magazines, flyers or pamphlets, business cards, and more.
  • Online Catalogs - We design and layout PDF templates and transform them into online product catalogs for websites and webshops.
  • Icons - We design custom icons for your site or for your company branding in general.
  • Illustrations and animation - We do original illustrations and animations, from conceptualizing and storyboarding to the actual sketches and design. These work great for product tutorials, company introductory videos etc.
  • Image and video editing - We do retouching and prepare existing images and videos for use in your website, webshop, or digital campaigns. For ecommerce, we also help by providing tips on doing product shoots.

Our design process makes it easy for you to brainstorm and collaborate with us, no matter where you are in the world.

We usually do the first design draft, then meet with you and refine it, typically in real-time using Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. During these collaboration sessions, you can comment and make suggestions while the designer implements the changes right then and there.

This new way of working not only saves a lot of time (traveling time, small talk, etc.), it also gives you the option to add colleagues to a meeting regardless of where they are physically-- and this on a very short notice and need-to basis, something that is not possible with physical meetings!

Our designers have years of experience in design, and have taken courses and earned certifications from Interaction Design Foundation and Baymard Institute.

Designing is a collaborative effort between you and us— we offer our ideas based on experience and best practices; you come with the industry and business-specific insights.

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