Umbraco development and support

Development of Umbraco websites and web applications from scratch as well as day-to-day support, optimization, and maintenance of existing Umbraco solutions.

  • Custom design and development of Umbraco websites and web applications
  • Support setup for daily resolving daily Umbraco maintenance tasks
  • Dedicated Umbraco project manager who works with you on a daily basis
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Umbraco development team

The team is led by senior project managers who themselves develop about 30% of the time so that they continue to hone their skills.

  • Our developers have 6-7 years of professional development experience in ASP.NET, with most of them having one or more Microsoft Technical Certifications. We do not engage with freelancers.
  • Our online project management tools allow direct communication not only with the project manager but also with the team designing, developing, and testing the application throughout the development process.
  • Clients are given copies of the source code and database at the end of the project.
  • Post-project support tasks are resolved by the same team who developed the project.
  • Our timeline for resolving ad hoc tasks is usually within 24 hours.

Development of Umbraco websites

Using Umbraco as a CMS solution, we build websites and applications with various business features that can integrate with other systems.

  • Our design team can use off-the-shelf themes, or create custom UI based on your branding and preferences.
  • We develop custom plugins (unless a commercial plugin can be purchased) to extend the functionalities of Umbraco.
  • We install and configure plugins.
  • We help implement PIM systems for e-commerce sites using Umbraco.
  • We optimize for speed and technically prepare the website for SEO.

Over 1,000 projects since 1998

View some examples of what we have designed and developed over the years.

Umbraco integrations

We create APIs to integrate with third-party systems.

  • Import of data from other systems to Umbraco sites
  • Exchange of data with ERP and CRM systems
  • Integration with PIM systems
  • Data exchange with mobile apps
  • Integration with Microsoft Office add-ins
  • Integration with marketing systems such as

Project support for Umbraco

  • At 1902 Software, the same team of project managers and developers who worked on the original project will subsequently do post-project support to ensure continuity, minimizing errors and misunderstandings.

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Peter Skouhus
Founder and owner of 1902 Software since 1998

Peter Skouhus
Founder and owner of 1902 Software since 1998