Responsive website design optimized for conversions

Increase your website conversion rate with a unique web design created for your business. Experience hassle-free collaboration with 1902 Software.

We create designs that not only leave a good impression but are also designed to convert, whether you need leads, signups, or any other conversions that matter to your business.

Choose whether you want a completely unique website designed from scratch, or a more cost-effective theme-based design.

We create mockups for the major page types of your website, and design them according to research-backed standards by Baymard Institute:

  • Home page - Most of your visitors initially land on the home page, so we make sure that its design serves as a good starting point for users to make their way throughout the site, by promoting the most important elements and content.
  • Content pages - We design the different content pages in a way that showcases the value of your company and offerings. Typically, these pages are:
    1. CMS pages (text, images, and downloadable content)
    2. About page
    3. Contact and submission forms
    4. Blogs
    5. Special product or service pages you may have.

Most companies prefer to purchase a website theme instead of having a custom design done in order to save time and money. (Check which option suits your business better: Theme vs custom design)

For theme-based projects, our design team can provide assistance by doing customizations to the theme like changing images, colors, font styles, etc. to get the design aligned with your brand.

If you need a custom design made from scratch, the process is typically as follows.

Our Creative Director starts out by selecting one or more designers for your project, who then study your brand, industry, and target audience to get some basic understanding of your industry and the different aspects of your business. A short synopsis of your industry/requirements can also be helpful.

Once we are ready to design, the process is typically:

  1. We start out by designing your homepage, incorporating the most important elements that you’ve defined during the requirements gathering phase.
  2. We send the design to you for initial feedback and do the necessary revisions. Sometimes we do these revisions together with you where you can see the design being updated in real-time and give your comments to the designer while he or she is working on the design.
  3. Once you approve the homepage design, we then proceed to create mockups (desktop, tablet, and mobile) for the other key and inner pages of your site like the “about” page and other text-heavy pages, etc. as outlined above.
  4. Once you approve of all the mockups, we send them to our development team for implementation.
  5. Throughout the development process, our designers remain involved for consultation, minor design assist (image editing and the like), and updates as we continue to refine your site.
  6. Typically, a designer will also review the site once it has been completed.

Our design process makes it easy for you to brainstorm and collaborate with us, no matter where in the world you are.

When we design a website from scratch, we normally start out by creating wireframes. If the website will be based on a template, we typically begin designing based on the template chosen without the need for wireframes.

Either way, we normally create the initial set of mockups before we refine them, typically in real-time together with you. By the end of each virtual collaboration session, you get a working prototype to try and share with colleagues and stakeholders.

Our designers have years of experience in website design, and have taken courses and earned certifications from Interaction Design Foundation and Baymard Institute.

Designing your website is a collaborative effort between you and us— we offer our ideas based on experience and best practices;  you come with the industry insight.

For example, we advise you about optimizing for different screen resolutions, and getting the right images to use in your webshop whether by directing you to where you can buy photos or providing pegs for your own photoshoots. You tell us about industry and business-specific insights that affect how customers will use and engage with your site, and we suggest specific optimizations based on them. For example, if you offer resources like a checklist or ebook, we can suggest ways to get more leads in exchange of downloads, like by using exit intent popup forms.

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