Magento 1 and 2 support

Get a reliable support setup for daily maintenance tasks or enhancement of features and functionalities of your existing Magento 1 and 2 webshops. With 1902, you work with a dedicated team made up of a technical project manager, developers, designers, and software testers, and tasks are often completed within 24 hours.

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Pay now and send tasks as you go

With our worry-free payment setup, you can buy 20 hours of development/support time, which you can allot to enhance your online shop as you go. Thinking of adding a small extension for your shop, or want to change a banner? Send us tasks as you please, and you’re covered by your 20-hour credit. You decide when and how to use your credit, which has a validity of two years.

Examples of Magento support tasks

  • CSS/HTML adjustments
  • Integration development, e.g., ERP or third-party integrations
  • Installation and testing support of Magento extensions
  • Special development/enhancement of a Magento extension
  • Setup and configuration of Magento varnish caching
  • Setup, configuration and support on changes made
  • Import/export of products
  • Setup new pages
  • Tutorial support on how to use Magento
  • Graphic design changes
  • Banner design
  • Split-test setup

How to send tasks and how quickly they’re completed

Send us tasks through our project management system, or via email. Once received, your designated project manager will attend to it as quickly as possible. Follow-up questions will be clarified either by email or Skype meeting.

The project manager in Manila delegates the tasks to the developers and graphic designers.

A light workload in the morning (Philippine time) usually gives us sufficient time to finish your tasks before you come in to the office the following day.

Larger Magento tasks

For larger Magento support tasks, we make detailed estimates before the job is started, and you will be informed of the progress through daily reports—some automatic, others written by your project manager.

Meetings are held once or twice a week to discuss project updates, and agree on minor adjustments, if needed.

Through our project management system for which you are given access, you can keep track of which tasks have been completed and how many hours exactly were used to do them.

The benefits of our Magento support setup

  • No weekly, monthly, or yearly minimum payment
  • You pay only for the time consumed. e.g., We work 1.34 hours, so you only pay for 1.34 hours—we do not round up.
  • We have a hardcore and dedicated team of Magento certified developers, which means that you will be getting technical expertise from a team and not just from a single person.
  • We have designers who can create your graphic-related needs or enhance your existing graphical assets if you wish.
  • We have extensive experience in solving small daily tasks quickly and efficiently, typically within 24 hours.
  • Our project management system ensures that your tasks are not overlooked and, through it, you can clearly see the status of your project 24/7.
  • You’re assigned a technical project manager who knows your system, with whom you can communicate daily.

Get a call from Peter within 24 hours and have a conversation about your requirements

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Get a call from Peter within 24 hours and have a conversation about your requirements