Magento extensions

We develop Magento 1 and 2 extensions. Struggling to find the perfect extension in the market? We will develop a custom Magento plugin catered to your specific needs. 

What are Magento extensions?

Magento extensions bring in new features and developments to existing Magento functionalities. Extensions, or plugins as they are called, can be bought or downloaded for free from the Magento Marketplace, or can be obtained directly from the company or developer who created the extension.

Where can you use Magento extensions?

1902 Software has extensive experience in the development of different Magento extensions. We can help you find the right extensions for your webshop. Below are some sample functionalities that extensions can offer:

  • Integration of payment (e.g., Epay, Quickpay, PayPal)
  • Shipping (e.g., Integration with Post Denmark or GLS Parcel Soft)
  • ERP integrations (e.g., integration with Navision, Economic, Dinero)
  • One step checkout
  • Gift card management
  • Caching extensions
  • SEO extensions
  • Google Analytics

We advise that you buy extensions if you can. First, it will save you time and money if you will not be responsible for the development. Second, extensions up for purchase are made by experts who develop Magento plugins full-time for a living; thus, these extensions are certainly made with the best quality.

Generally, we do not modify Magento extensions because it can considerably complicate future upgrades. In addition, there’s a huge risk that when an extension is changed, it will not fully function as intended. Although it is tempting to make quick fixes, we advise that you do not, unless it is absolutely necessary.

We develop Magento extensions

If you need additional functionalities for your Magento e-commerce website and a plugin is not available for this, 1902 Software can develop the extension for you.

We are well-experienced in this field, and we bring years of Magento proficiency in building a unique extension for your shop. Unless otherwise agreed, we develop these extensions without preparing them for sale in online marketplaces.