Native app development

A native app is an application developed using platform-specific development tools. These apps are developed individually for each of the two popular mobile operating systems: iOS and Android.

Advantages of native apps

  • Performance – Since native apps are built using platform-specific development tools, they follow the guidelines of the operating system, making them run faster and more efficient than most (but not all) cross-platform development tools.
  • As of late, it’s easier to find native app developers than cross-platform developers because the technology for native development has been in existence for far longer than Xamarin.
  • API – Natively developed apps have access to specialized UI libraries for the specific mobile hardware and software platforms.
  • For developers, it can be easier to program certain functions using platform-specific development tools compared with cross-platform development tools.


A cost-effective alternative to native app development is cross-platform development using Xamarin. Xamarin allows developers to develop an app in such a way that the app can be installed on the three major platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile) while only being developed once (one source code for all three platforms).

To know more about cross-platform development using Xamarin, please go to our Xamarin page.

Native or cross-platform?

This is a difficult question, and one without a precise answer. As a general rule, if you’re developing an app that should only run on one platform, then opt for native development. If your app should run on two or more platforms, it’s best to use Xamarin.

You will not see or feel a difference regardless if the app was developed natively or in Xamarin, but you will see savings in time and money if you want your app to run on two or more platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile).

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