Custom web development, support, and optimization

Get a custom website optimized for conversions, and day-to-day support with 24 hours typical turnaround time. We also take over and continue existing web development projects.

  • Development and post-project maintenance of framework-based websites
  • User-oriented design for your website and webshop with our team of UX-certified designers
  • Taking over stalled projects and getting it started again
  • General optimization, including technical SEO, speed, and UX optimization
  • Installation of security patches and updating existing websites or web apps

We create website designs from scratch or customize existing themes to fit with your brand. We support your digital strategy with our wide range of design services:

We usually do the initial designs, then collaborate and refine them with you in real-time. Following each collaboration session, you get a prototype to try and share with colleagues and stakeholders.

We offer the following review packages:

You can avail these as standalone packages, or mix them as you please, depending on what matters the most for your business. Read more about what each package includes.

Our QA team tests your project and ad hoc tasks before and after deployment to ensure quality. Learn more about our in-house testing setup:

If you have your own developer, we also offer standalone website testing, where we work as your extended software testing/QA department. We can also work with you on one or more standalone testing projects. Learn more about our web and software testing service.

Our proprietary automated testing tool monitors your site's:

  • Uptime
  • Speed and performance, specifically focusing on Core Web Vitals
  • Indexing status (robots.txt) — depending on which pages you choose to get indexed
  • SSL expiration
  • Domain expiration

This automated monitoring lets us detect issues before they cause bigger problems in your site.

You can have the best site in the world, but if it’s not seen online by your customers, you won’t have any sales. While you can advertise through Google or Facebook for more visibility, the most cost-effective option is by doing SEO (search engine optimization) to drive organic traffic to your site.

In addition to our technical knowledge, we also have a lot of experience in working with SEO experts where we do the technical work from their specific instructions.

Learn more about the scope of our technical SEO service.

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ASP.NET is a free development platform that can be used to build your custom web development projects. With a mature and active user base and support for modern language constructs such as generics and asynchronous programming, ASP.NET can answer all your custom web development needs while maintaining an easy and efficient development environment. ASP.NET Core is the relatively new and open-source version of ASP.NET. It runs not only on Windows, but also on Linux and macOS. ASP.NET is usually programmed using C#, F#, and VB.NET.

Laravel is known for having a simple API. It has extensive libraries, tools, and documentation, and follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture– making web development easier.

With the abundance of tools and its latest features, Laravel is suitable for big and complex web applications.

Phalcon is famously known and used for one thing: speed. It was built as a C extension, providing the high performance that the C programming language is known for, and it has low resource usage – helping with less memory consumption and in handling more HTTP requests.

Phalcon is more complex than other frameworks and lacks extensive documentation, hence you will need experienced developers. It’s best for heavy websites that need to be loaded quickly.

CodeIgniter is another open-source PHP framework popular amongst developers for its small footprint. The entire code is a mere 2MB in size, making it easier for developers to download, deploy, and update it. This also eliminates performance lags and speeds up execution time.

CodeIgniter’s libraries are not as robust as other PHP frameworks but it does have the basic features such as caching and in-built security. CodeIgniter is the best choice for beginners and for developing small and lightweight websites and web applications.