Custom web development, support and optimization

Get a custom website optimized for conversions, and day-to-day support with 24 hours typical turnaround time. We also take over and continue existing web development projects.

  • Development and post-project maintenance of framework-based websites, webshops and web applications
  • User-oriented designs for your website and webshop with our team of certified UX designers
  • Taking over stalled projects and getting it started again
  • General optimization, including technical SEO, speed and UX optimization
  • Installation of security patches and updating existing websites or web apps

ASP.NET is a free development platform that can be used to build your own web development projects. With a mature and active user base and support for modern language constructions, such as generic and asynchronous programming, ASP.NET can meet all your custom web development needs while maintaining an easy and efficient development environment.

ASP.NET Core is the relatively new and open-source version of ASP.NET. It runs not only on Windows, but also on Linux and macOS.

ASP.NET is usually programmed using C#, F#, and VB.NET.

Laravel is known for having a simple API. Laravel consists of extensive libraries, tools and documentation and follows an MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture - making web development easier. As Laravel is not as mature as other frameworks, there may be challenges with support and updates. Common problems are however typically solved in the developer community.

With an abundance of tools and the latest features, Laravel is well-suited for large and complex web applications.

Phalcon is known for, and used for, one thing: speed. It was built as a C extension that provides the high performance that the C programming language is known for, and as it has low resource consumption, it means lower memory consumption and the ability to handle multiple HTTP requests at the same time.

Phalcon is more complex than other frameworks and lacks thorough documentation, therefore you need experienced developers when using Phalcon. This is best suited for heavy websites and web applications that need to load a lot of data very quickly.

CodeIgniter is another open-source PHP framework that is popular with developers for its small footprint. The entire code takes up only 2 MB, making it easy for developers to download, implement and update. This also eliminates performance lags and speeds up execution time.

CodeIgniter's libraries are not as robust as other PHP frameworks, but they have the basic features such as caching and built-in security. This is the best choice for beginners and for developing small and simple websites and web applications.

  • To ensure that we have control of the entire process, we only hire internal developers - we do not use freelancers.
  • We have certified PHP and ASP.NET developers, designers and QA testers who ensure high quality delivery.
  • We have 23+ years of experience in developing websites, webshops and web applications combined with unsurpassed customer service.
  • Ad-hoc tasks are usually solved within 24 hours

If you have questions or want to discuss a specific project, contact us today. We will call you back within 24 hours.

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