Functional, UI/UX, and design review for conversion optimization

Get your website, webshop, or app’s functionalities and UI/UX reviewed by our certified team of QA testers. We will find the issues causing problems in your system and provide recommendations on what to change.

Our team of in-house QA testers will review your site or app from a user’s perspective to uncover functionality issues, friction in the user experience, and areas for further improvement.

At the end of the review, you’ll get a comprehensive report of all our findings, along with actionable recommendations on what to do next.

You can avail of our functional, UI/UX, and design review as a standalone package, or mix and match it with our other review packages (Code review, Technical audit, SEO and speed audit) for a more holistic review of your system. Check out the different packages here.

  • We test your website and webshop pages in desktop browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. For apps, we test the different sections and screens in different phones (iOS and Android) and OS versions.
  • For websites and webshops, we test the following pages:
  1. Homepage
  2. About Us
  3. Contact Us
  4. Privacy Policy, etc.
  5. Content pages, i.e. text pages, blogs, etc.
  6. Other special pages, like calculators, requests page, etc.
  • For webshops, we also test:
  1. 5 random category pages
  2. 5 random product pages
  3. Cart page
  4. Checkout page
  5. Other special pages, like calculators, requests page, etc.
  • We also simulate different user actions like the checkout flow and account creation to see if there are possible hitches in the process.
  • We help identify user drop-off and abandonment points and provide recommendations on how to minimize them. (Note that for this, we will need existing data like Google Analytics, heatmaps and screen recordings. If you’re not yet using Google Analytics or user behavior tracking tools that provide you with this data, we can help you set them up.)
  • We cross-check your system with our own standard guidelines based on a mix of experience and research-based UX best practices.
  • We test the following elements in your pages/app screens:
    • Header
    • Favicon/logo
    • Website or language switcher
    • Account functionalities (e.g., signup, login, forgot password)
    • On-site search and search results
    • Cart features
    • Featured products
    • Conversion forms (contact us, newsletter subscription)
    • Category and product list features (i.e., viewing, sorting, filtering)
    • Product information display
    • Vouchers and discount codes
    • Payment summary
    • Checkout features (form, address, success page)
    • Special functionalities (we cannot list everything here)

We’re aware that design is subjective and you may have your own preferences about this. However, if you want a second opinion about your current design and how it might be affecting your site or app conversions, we can do that as well.

At the end of the review, we provide you with a document compiling all our findings as well as our recommendations on how to fix them and suggestions for further optimization based on best practices and our own experience with web and app projects.

After the review, we can also have a meeting with you or your developers to discuss and run through the items we found during our testing.

You are free to take this report to your own developer or another company, or you can choose to have our development team fix the issues for you.

Contact us today and see how we can help you optimize your user experience for more conversions.

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