Outsourcing IT projects – low cost, broad range of services

We lay out the various reasons on why you should choose outsourcing an IT partner for your business. Offshore software development companies like 1902 offer a broad range of services and technical expertise at low cost.

Offshore software development companies like 1902 Software offer much lower-priced services as compared to our Western counterparts. We empower clients like you to find a competitive company with resources who possess in-demand and relevant technical skills.

For a lower cost, you can avail of broad range of services that can be outsourced including ecommerce and website development, custom software, mobile application, and design. Offshore companies like us also provide support to existing websites, webshops, CMS systems, IT systems, and even server management to companies abroad.

With us, quality is not compromised. Our IT professionals are highly competitive because of their solid exposure to multiple and complex IT projects over time. Many of them have attained global-standard technical certifications. For instance, our .NET Developers take pride as being Microsoft Certified in Application Development track, while our team of ecommerce website developers are Magento Certified.

Besides the competency of our resources, we also have a strong project management system in place, a lean SDLC process which assures the quality of our output.

Cultural orientation also makes it inherent for our colleagues to extend impressive service. It’s a way of life for our team to go out of their way to help clients—even beyond their work hours, without unwillingness, hefty overtime rates, or the demand for frequent vacation—factors that, in developed nations, lengthen the development process.

Our flexibility in rendering longer work hours allow for your projects to be accomplished much faster. Moreover, we have multiple technical resources who can work on projects in cases of sickness, personal emergencies, attrition, and the like. Thus, you don’t have to worry that your projects stand still if the main developers do not show up for work.

Besides their technical skills, the main strength of IT professionals in the Philippines is their English proficiency. For the outsourcing industry, this is a vital skill. Moreover, due to the country’s historical background, Filipinos in general have open-minded affinity to Western culture, which comes in convenient to our Western clients.

Check out our portfolio of some sites and systems we have done for clients and see what 1902 Software can do for you.

As with all other things, engaging the services of offshore software development companies is not always a walk in the park.

  • Cultural differences can pose impediments and concerns. Offshore companies may also have limited knowledge of the local market where their clients operate.
  • You must be ready to face concerns in communication, such as occasional misunderstandings due to language barrier. English is the means of communication and both clients and supplier should be able to express themselves in English well to get their messages across.
  • The time differences can work both ways: If the client needs a task urgently and the software development company is in a different time zone, the need is not addressed as urgently. On the other hand, if you’re a client in the West, you can conveniently give tasks before your day ends and find that your company on the other side of the world has done it by the time you wake up.

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