WordPress developer

For companies that need a serious WordPress developer, 1902 Software offers a team of WordPress experts who work on websites as needed. In addition, the team consists of graphic designers, QA testers, and an assigned project manager.  

WordPress team

Our WordPress team typically comprises:

  • A technical project manager who collaborates with you by reviewing your requirements, prioritizing tasks, and giving you regular status reports on your project
  • A design project manager
  • One or more front-end WordPress developers
  • One or more back-end WordPress developers
  • A dedicated software tester

WordPress developer profile

A typical WordPress developer has a college or bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology from a recognized university with a minimum 4-5 years work experience. All new developers go through a two-month planned training that includes SEO, speed optimization, user interface workshops, code repository and software development and project management process.

Advantages of having 1902 Software as your supplier

  • Constant communication with the technical or design project manager.
  • Our hourly rates are typically 40-50% lower than that of western IT companies.
  • You only pay for the time used; we do not round up to the nearest 30 or 60 minutes.
  • All team members are permanent 1902 Software employees working at our office.
  • We do not send tasks to freelancers or subcontractors.
  • We have five full-time QA dedicated to test software, sites, and apps.
  • We usually solve ad hoc tasks within 24 hours.
  • Subsequent support is handled by the same team who developed the project.
  • We constantly conduct training for our employees.

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