IT project management

We do development and support for various IT projects. We have project managers with both technical expertise and people skills to oversee the development process and the development team.

When you contact us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager who will be responsible for your project. Your project manager will manage both the process and the programmers, designers, and testers who'll be working on your project.

A project manager is the important link between 1902 Software and the customer as well as other stakeholders who are part of the project.

We have three kinds of project managers:

  • A technical project manager, who is responsible for all the technical aspects of the project, including the development and installation of the completed system;
  • A design project manager (Creative Director), who is responsible for design, UI/UX, and other graphic requirements of the project; and
  • A testing project manager, who is responsible for quality assurance.

It’s typically the technical project manager who is overall in-charge of the project, so it’s him/her that you’ll coordinate with most of the time.

Our project manager has been a rock steady, reliable and sympathetic point of contact during the project. In conclusion we are very satisfied, and we definitely recommend 1902.

Claus Bornemann

The project manager is one of the first people you come into contact with when you start working with us. He/she works closely with you in:

  • Preparing price estimates, development specifications, and/or project plan as necessary
  • Keeping on top of the project with regular status updates as the design or development process is going on
  • Managing the designers, developers, or testers working on the project. (With a few exceptions, you don’t have direct communication with the team that does the actual work, aside from participating in the dialogue that takes place in our project management system.
  • Keeping track of latest trends and developments in the industry to ensure that your system follows best practices and takes advantage of new technical or marketing opportunities as early as possible.

Contact with the project manager was fluid and constructive. They understood our needs and suggested alternative technical solutions… and more importantly: 9 times out of 10, they got it right the first time.


Our project managers have worked as programmers / testers / designers—they not only have experience in management, but are also highly qualified in their respective technologies/platforms.

Our technical project managers still develop for about 25-30% of their working hours, while our Creative Director and testing project managers remain heavily involved in designing and quality-checking alongside with their respective teams.

All our project managers are fluent in English communication, and have great balance of interpersonal and technical skills. As such, they understand all the technical stuff of the project but are also able to explain these in a non-technical lingo that everyone can understand.

Even if you don’t have much experience in IT development, you can be sure that your project manager will guide you through all aspects of the project so that you reach your goals.

I highly recommend 1902. Professional, reliable and great project management skills.

Hallur Jon Bluhme Sævarsson

The project management methodologies that we use include a combination of detailed planning, agile development, and SCRUM. If you want our project managers to use a specific project management method, let us know so we can implement it in the way you want.

We offer project management from start to finish, and continue to support you for post-project maintenance, enhancements and changes.


We provide all customers access to our online project management system.

Upon the official start of the project, your project manager guides you around the system and shows you how to use it.

Through this system, you can:

  • Monitor daily developments in the project – All team members use the same tool to document their work, so you can easily get an overview of how far the project has progressed.
  • Send task requests – You can post a task request and tag your project manager. Any discussions and further clarifications can be made under the same thread, which provides you a neat record of all agreements related to the task.

For communication, we use Microsoft Teams both for internal collaboration and video/voice meetings with customers and stakeholders. We also use Skype and e-mail as applicable.

Aside from these, we refrain from using too many tools in order to streamline all communication and avoid having project information all over the place.

Choosing an IT supplier is almost like getting married. It is both costly, complicated, and frustrating to stop the relationship and switch to another supplier.

Therefore, we always encourage new customers to get to know the project manager(s) that they will be working with before they start a project with us. This is as important as checking customer reviews and testimonials. Visit our Management page to know more about our project managers.