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You may not be an SEO expert, but with 1902 SEO+, you don't have to be! Don’t worry about learning all the fancy SEO terms—we've got helpful tooltips that guide you.

Enjoy these features and more with 1902 SEO+ for Umbraco.

Comprehensive dashboard overview

Easily manage the SEO basics of your site through a dashboard where you can: get an overview of all your pages, set certain pages to index or no index, view the page titles and page descriptions, quickly remove focus keywords, and more.

Set global open graph values

Set default values for the open graph content that can apply to all pages within your site without the need to customize each one. (You can still set specific open graph values for each page if you want!)

Page previews

Get quick previews of how your page will look like when it appears on a search results page, or when it is shared to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Insights and recommendations

Get a detailed review of each page on your site in terms of technical SEO and performance, and view suggestions on what to improve for optimum results.

Focus keywords

Input the keywords or search terms that you want to rank for and get an analysis on how well your content is aligned with your set keywords.

Perform an SEO check before publishing

Run an analysis for your page before publishing to your live site, ensuring that everything is good before getting your content out into the world.

Multi-lingual and multi-domain support

1902 SEO plus can be used in different languages according to your preference. It also now supports multi-domain setting of global open graph values, schema, and sitemap.

Maintenance and support for Umbraco updates

We'll continuously maintain 1902 SEO plus to ensure compatibility with Umbraco updates and new versions.

...and more

Read about how 1902 SEO plus works, what you can expect upon installation, and more answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQs and Guides.


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