Session recordings: looking into actual website user experience

Published on January 29, 2020
Last modified on March 19, 2024

Concerned with user privacy?

Privacy is as important as great user experience for most of today’s digital consumers, so it should be something that you keep in mind as well when using session recording tools online.

Session recording is supposed to track user actions on a page, focusing more on the actions and less on the user.

In Crazy Egg and Hotjar, text field inputs are automatically masked to avoid capturing sensitive personal information, especially on pages with forms.

You also have the option to manually mask certain elements in your pages through the settings to further block any personal data from being recorded.

(1902 Software’s contact form, with text fields automatically masked in a Crazy Egg session recording)

Before you decide on a user behavior analytics tool, make sure you check out their privacy policy or have a data processing agreement in place with them to protect your website visitors’ privacy.

And don’t forget to update your own website’s privacy notice as well and explain how you collect data on your visitors’ browsing behavior.


Peter Skouhus

Peter Skouhus

A Danish entrepreneur who owns 1902 Software Development, an IT company in the Philippines where he has lived since 1998. Peter has extensive experience in the business side of IT development, strategic IT management, and sales.