Website surveys: getting on-page and timely feedback from actual users

Published on January 29, 2020
Last modified on March 19, 2024

Website survey in action

We recently did a revamp of our website menu to better emphasize our main services—ecommerce, website, and custom software.

Though the service pages were the focus of this revamp, some of the pages in the menu were unknowingly lost in the shuffle—like our address and contact information page.

It wasn’t until we ran the feedback survey as shown in the sample above that a website visitor informed us they had a hard time finding our email address (which was in the contact information page buried under the Who We Are menu).

The insight from this specific survey response is something that we wouldn’t have seen in a heatmap and maybe only barely from a session recording.

Keep in mind that when you work a lot on your website, it’s a challenge to see things out of place because you’re looking at a layout that you’ve already seen a thousand times before.


Peter Skouhus

Peter Skouhus

A Danish entrepreneur who owns 1902 Software Development, an IT company in the Philippines where he has lived since 1998. Peter has extensive experience in the business side of IT development, strategic IT management, and sales.