Google Analytics vs user behavior analytics tools

Published on January 29, 2020
Last modified on May 10, 2022

Set up goals in Google Analytics

When you create a new website, the bare minimum you would need to get some idea on how it’s performing is to set up Google Analytics, which tracks your site traffic and reports data in an intuitive dashboard.

But to see how it’s performing in terms of targets that actually matter to your business, you will need to set up “goals”.

Simply put, a goal is an action that you want your users to take in your website or webshop, like buying a product, signing up for an account, or submitting a contact form. In other words, your website conversions.

Setting up goals in Google Analytics enables you to hone in on the data that are relevant to the conversions you’re aiming for—like the top traffic sources that bring in the most converters, or the page that users often visit right before they make their way to your conversion page.

Most goals are easy to set up on your own, while some configurations may need the help of a developer depending on the complexity.

Go to your Analytics dashboard, click Admin in the sidebar, select Goals, and see your options from there.

Learn more about goals in Google Analytics here.