Project type: Magento

Development, support, technical SEO optimization, graphic design

Project started: 2011

Became a client in: 2011

Aalborg Signs was interested in having a unique website done for an associated shop. 1902 Software managed to do this to the point, and we were very satisfied with the outcome. We have tried other Danish suppliers, but we’ve never experienced the same level of service nor better end result. It is certainly not the last time we’ll work with 1902 Software for our projects. Thanks for the good experience, and for the perfect shop 🙂

Anders Reberholt

Project description

Aalborg Skilte provides graphic design services and advertisement materials. They asked the help of 1902 Software for the creation of their webshop. Using Magento, 1902 Software developed their webshop, which showcased their categorized products with descriptions useful to customers. On the products page, clients can select the color, size, and quantity of the product they want to order. The online shop also contains references that display samples of their work.

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