Project type: Magento

Project started: 2020

Became a client in: 2020

“We have been customers for a few years and are super happy with their work. When we started, of course, we were apprehensive, putting the tasks on the other side of the earth. But all our worries have actually been put to shame as we have only experienced benefits fr om moving it out. Before our change, we were with a couple of Danish developers wh ere the price was high and the service low. Our experiences at 1902 are the complete opposite. After collaborating with 1902 for a season, we have chosen to convert to Magento 2 solution, which is a larger project. It was resolved on time and at the agreed price. And we felt pressured and in good hands throughout the project. We experience a very large advantage in the time difference. If we have something to adjust, we put a task in the course of a normal working day, when we start the next day, the task is usually solved and ready for testing, if not it has at least begun. We highly recommend that you contact Peter and hear about the opportunities they offer. Trævarefabrikernes UDSALG Henrik Lange” (Translated from Danish) 

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