Fasmas GmbH

Project type: Magento

Project started: 2020

Became a client in: 2020

“We’ve had the most incredible collaboration with the team at 1902 Software! We’ve worked with the team for about 6 months now, and they have taken our Magento web shop to a whole new level. The tasks are completed to an excellent standard in a timely manner and they’re always ready to provide advice or guidance. The thing I’m most impressed with is how organised and transparent everything is when it comes to our collaboration. We receive weekly status updates so we can see how much time has been spent on each task (and how much those tasks cost), as well as direct updates from our Project Manager. I want to give an extra big thanks to Merry Kris Salas for being so friendly and providing help and input on anything we ask her – we couldn’t wish for a better project manager! She continually updates us on the progress of various tasks, provides advice when we’re unsure how to proceed and follows up on questions and concerns we may have. This makes us feel completely relaxed about handing tasks over, and we’re so happy to have her and her team as our collaboration partners!” 

Jenny Knutsen

Fasmas GmbH


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