Project type: Magento

Design, development, support, responsive design, graphic design

Project started: 2011

Became a client in: 2011

"Nicolai Bille Krogh, Director: I feel that 1902 is very dedicated to our company and our projects. They do everything they can to ensure that deadlines are met, and I feel very comfortable working with them as our IT partner. I can definitely recommend 1902 Software.

Carsten Lorentzen, IT Manager: 1902 is friendly and hardworking. They have repeatedly worked outside normal working hours to meet tight deadlines. 1902 is very cooperative and has always done more than what was expected."

Nicolai Bille Krogh


Project description

Go Dream / Oplevelsesgaver.dk provides customers unique and enjoyable experiences by offering various activities and events they can participate in such as skydiving, hot air balloon ride, cooking classes, wall climbing, skiing, to name a few. The company worked with 1902 Software to improve their webshop, which is in responsive layout. Minor HTML/CSS and NAV reporting issues were addressed, and changes were made on their giftcards’ order and exchange process. Support was provided for the site’s SEO optimization and analytics. When a new patch was released, 1902 Software immediately did the development for the website. Custom modules were implemented, which enabled smooth giftcard transaction in the webshop.