Magento — the powerful and scalable ecommerce platform

Magento is known for its scalability and rich out-of-the box features. Learn more about what you can do with it and if it’s the right platform for your ecommerce needs.

  • Magento Open Source is free. You can install it wherever you want without being bound to any obligation with your web developer. You can change both your developer and hosting provider anytime.
  • You have full access to both the source code and the database, making it easy to make changes in the system.
  • There’s a huge community of Magento developers and users, so you can find many forums where you can get help and support.
  • Magento is scalable. The system grows with your shop. Moreover, it has a “multi-store” feature which enables you to have multiple online stores, each with their own domains and designs but with a single shared backend.
  • You can choose from a wide range of extensions that are often low-priced or free.
    It’s easy to design, in contrast to proprietary systems that often are limited with how they can be modified because only a core set of developers have access to the source code.

As your webshop grows and your market expands, it may be necessary to have another webshop. Fortunately, Magento’s built-in “multi-store” functionality makes it possible to have multiple storefronts with the same backend.

This means you can have two, three, or more shops (with their own domains and design) which all use the same backend. The multiple shops can use the same server and often can share modules, too, if the modules are licensed per Magento installation. However, some modules may require one license for each domain, so you’ll have to check the license agreement or terms and conditions before purchasing.

You can also integrate with a PIM system which can help you manage product information in one place while maintaining multiple webshops or different sales channels. Learn more about PIM systems here.

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