Kampsax A/S

Project type: Umbraco & .NET

“The system consisted of a centralized database having 28 clients located all over Mongolia stretching across 2 time-zones. However as the communication facilities were limited and 24/7 online access was out of the question, the data transfer had to be kept to the absolute minimum, as well as each client needed to have its own decentralized database. As the number of vehicles in Mongolia is fairly limited (about 150,000 in 2003), the databases were based on MSDE 2000, having a maximum capacity of 1,000,000 vehicle records, with the possibility to upgrade to a regular SQL server later if required.

The unique part of the system is the data exchange between the server and the clients, relying on an absolutely minimum quantity of data to be exchanged. To keep the central database up-to-date, updates are generated and sent by a zipped and encrypted email from each client at the end of the working day using a dial-up connection or LAN connection; during the night the central database is updated with the data from all 28 clients and an update is returned to the clients thereafter (excluding each client’s own data). The client database is subsequently updated at the start of the following working day ensuring that the content of all databases is identical by the morning.

A log is generated for these transactions and reports are automatically produced keeping the administrator informed about the status of each client database. The system was developed keeping in mind that it should be fully automated and that training of operators should be kept to a minimum. The user-interfaces are all in Mongolian using locally developed fonts, as the standard Cyrillic fonts are missing two Mongolian letters.

Needless to say that the system includes procedures for back-up of data to be able to restore partially or completely lost data at any location, as well as tools to deal with clients that temporarily has lost means of email communication; they would be (snail)mailed a specially generated CD with regular intervals. Also clients can generate CDs for mailing with data that they otherwise cannot send.

Kampsax A/S was very satisfied with the cooperation with 1902; particularly 1902’s handling of changes and modifications during the development phase was outstanding. The interaction between our staff and those of 1902 was flawless and very productive. All communication and tests were done online.

The undersigned recently met with our client where the performance of the system was discussed and it was particularly satisfying to learn that the system was working well and completely flawless.”

Torben Mikkelsen

Project Coordinator- Kampsax A/S

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