Amino ApS

Project type: Umbraco & .NET

Project started: 2020

Became a client in: 2013

“I was skeptical about outsourcing parts of our development in Amino since my second company, SPAMfighter, has had great challenges with an outsourcing project. But I have seen that 1902 received a lot of praises in Amino’s discussion forum, and I have decided, therefore, to take the chance and let 1902 make our newest service, Amino Freelancer. The project has been completely successful and we’ve gotten a super nice service, for which we are very happy. There is no doubt that 1902 can help us through their services.”

Martin Thorborg

Project description

Amino is a web portal for entrepreneurs in Denmark based on CommunityServer CMS. The client sought 1902 Software’s assistance in maintaining their main website, which was developed in .NET. 1902 Software also implemented modules that added new elements (namely, Freelancer, Events, Bizz, and Kapital) to the site, expanding Amino’s services. A dedicated mobile site for the main Amino website was created to cater to the growing number of mobile users.

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