Cargomatch ApS

Project type: Umbraco & .NET

Project started: 2012

Became a client in: 2012

“We did a great job in choosing the developer of our IT system for the transportation industry.

Our demand was high, thus the technical quality should be very high, while the economic cost should be as low as possible, since we were quite young and had a tight start-up budget. We were recommended to 1902 Software through common references, and when we got in touch with Peter, there was already a welcoming and positive experience. After that, we came in contact with the Project Manager, Paul. We were very skeptical about the communication as it is in English, but luckily it was an incredibly positive experience to hold the first Skype meeting with Paul. Paul has a great technical insight, and we felt taken by the hand and helped through all the system challenges in perfect English. Paul even contributed some new initiatives and gave us both constructive and critical issues in relation to the functions of the system. In the process, we also communicated with Rod who was in charge of the graphic tasks. Again, a very positive experience, both in terms of service, productivity, creativity and very impressive speed relative to delivering graphic products or mockups.

Overall, 1902 Software met our critical requirements both on price and quality.

Cargo Match ApS gives its warmest recommendations to 1902 Software and thanks them for the good collaboration.”

Benjamin Oakenshield


Project description

CargoMatch is a portal that matches delivery trucks and cargoes from and to specific destinations. Using this portal, a truck owner can advertise the truck’s availability to transport a cargo coming from a specific place. The client needed developers to create the system and, hence, contacted 1902 Software. Based on the client’s requirements, the website was created in .Net and designed in responsive layout. 1902 Software developed the portal from scratch, designing the system architecture and the full responsive layout.

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