Project type: Magento

Project started: 2009

Became a client in: 2009

“Though I had a very low budget, but at the same time I wanted to have more special features made; I had to find out if this was possible. After burning my fingers with some part-time programmers who did not keep what we agreed on, I contacted Peter Skouhus. I soon found out that 1902 Software is a very serious company, even if they are far away and have a cheap hourly rate. After initial talks with Peter, I started to work with a Senior Developer to make a detailed feature list for my website. 1902 Software solved this task with flying colors, and has been nice to work with in coming up with the the features I desired. 1902 Software will undoubtedly be our programming partner for a long time to come.”

Christian R. Olesen

Fodbold Coach

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