This is how we operate at 1902 Software

With more than 24 years of experience, we know a thing or two about how to plan, execute and complete software development projects. Read more about how we do it. 

Get a free estimate within 2 working days — no strings attached. First, you meet Peter, the founder of 1902, as well as a technical project manager who can answer your questions.

During the meeting, you’ll explain to us what you need to get done and what your goals are so we can assess your requirements.

Within 2 working days after the meeting, we’ll present you with a price estimate, a projected timeline, and a plan for how we move on.

If you do not want to continue following the presentation, just tell us and we will not follow up anymore. Like we’ve said, no strings attached!

It’s that simple.

Human resources is as complicated as software development. To ensure people excel, we let them do what they’re good at.

A full stack developer is someone who can do all types of development within a certain system or framework. Typically, a full stack developer can develop front-end and back-end, do speed optimization, deploy solutions, and even do project management and communicate with customers.

Finding good full-stack developers is difficult. To overcome this problem, we have taken an approach where we, together with our developers, find out what they want to do and what they know they are good at. Then we steer them toward that path through formal training, mentoring, and on-the-job training. As people grow, they can switch to other areas if they want to.

That means that a WordPress front-end developer normally only does WordPress front-end development, a Magento back-end developer only develops backend solutions for Magento, and so on.

This increases output quality and reduces stress—a win-win solution for you and our developers.

Our clients appreciate our fast response rate. We won’t leave you hanging if you have tasks or concerns. Many times you’ll even see your tasks completed within 24 hours.

We’ve developed a task management system that allows you to create task requests and monitor its progress from estimation to completion. We designed this to make it easy for you to track who said what and when, as well as for you to communicate directly with the team members working on the task.

The name of the game is speed—without sacrificing quality.

We hate project overruns as much as you do.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to calculate how long a task or project will take to complete. This increases the accuracy of our estimates.

Backed by 20+ years of project data, we were able to develop a tool powered by AI to help us calculate the development time for a task or a project. This greatly increases the accuracy of our estimates and therefore lessens the budget overruns that the IT industry is famously known for.

When a project manager estimates a task or a project, the AI tool steps in and offers a suggested estimate based on 20+ years of our historical data. It’s then up to the project manager if he/she wants to accept the suggestion or not.

The GIF below shows an example of how the tool works. The project manager estimates 3.30 hours to develop a pickup service in an ecommerce system. You can see how the AI kicks in and suggests that the development could actually take 8.29 hours.

We always try to provide accurate estimates so you don't get any surprises.

We always provide you with detailed estimates so that you can understand how we arrive at a certain price. We do this whether you ask us to estimate one task or an entire project.

The detailed estimates not only allows you to better understand the final numbers and the scope of the task, it also gives you the basis you need to decide if you want to proceed.

The image below shows an example estimate for a task, where you can see the level of detail you can expect when you work with us. You’ll notice that we are quite accurate in the numbers—thanks to the AI tool we’ve developed. Understanding how the numbers come together lets you make an informed decision.

Many companies are sloppy when it comes to testing the output. Often, they let the same developer who does the task do the testing. At 1902 Software, we have a dedicated testing department to do all the testing.

Have you experienced being the one to test your developer's output? I’m guessing you have and that you didn’t like it.

When you work with us, the time you will spend testing our output will drastically decrease because everything we develop (from individual change request tasks to full projects) will be tested by our in-house testing department before it gets to you.

We normally develop on our local workstations first, then when a task or a set of tasks are finished, we deploy them to a development server where our in-house testers go through and test everything. Any issues flagged are returned to the developers, and the cycle continues until no more errors are found.

When there are no longer errors, the project manager will inform you that a task or set of tasks has been completed and will give you access so that you can review the output. Once you have approved the output (you may also ask us to do small changes first), we deploy everything to the live server and do another test run.

You can read more about the different types of testing we do here.

Finally, we can also do automated testing where, as the name implies, a computer does the testing automatically. Automated testing lowers the overall cost and allows for faster testing. This then allows us to make changes several times a day without worrying about the cost of testing since it’s done automatically. You can read more about automated testing here.

We take post-project support as seriously as the original project, so we let the same development team who did the project handle all the support.

After a project is finished, you will continue to work with the same team for all your support needs. Working with a team you are already comfortable with for day-to-day support saves both time and costs.

It also gets rid of the bottleneck when a support team needs to consult the development team first to understand a particular solution before they can offer assistance.

Support inquiries are always answered within 24 working hours, usually faster.

Outside regular business hours, you can contact our support team by mailing [email protected].

We are accustomed to working with other teams on projects, regardless if it’s your own developers or another third-party supplier.

We are well aware of the challenge customers face when multiple teams work on the same project. Fortunately, with our 24+ years of experience, we know a thing or two on how to avoid collaboration problems.

In fact, 90% of all difficulties boil down to poor communication!

We use a project management/communication tool with a scrum board so that our customers can see the status of the project and internal communication as well as add comments and new tasks. We are happy to give all team members, including third-party developers, full access to the tool so that everybody is on the same page.

We offer a wide range of services and work with different technologies so that you can get everything done with us.

It has always been a part of our strategy to offer a number of related services as opposed to specializing on one service only. We have focused on growing our team so we are not vulnerable if one or more developers leave at the same time.

Another important consideration is that we need to be able to handle big and complicated projects without getting outside assistance. This philosophy allows us to offer the development and support for the following technologies:

  • Magento ecommerce
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Umbraco
  • Special .NET and PHP projects
  • Native, .NET MAUI (Xamarin) and Maui app development
  • Integration development (with ERP, CRM, PIM etc.)
  • Shopify (coming soon)

Aside from that, we also do:

  • Graphic design
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Independent QA testing (if you need a second opinion)
  • Server installation (primarily AWS and Azure)

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