Sommerhus Danmark

Project type: WordPress & PHP

Project started: 2020

Became a client in: 2009

“Outsourcing in the Philippines? Hmmm … It may be just some ‘bamboo company’ that’s out to cheat me.” I would admit that this thought crossed my mind when I began my research on 1902 Software. But let me make it clear right away that my initial skepticism was proven wrong! 1902 has completed the extensive re-programming of The work brought many challenges, because the new code was to be adapted to a system built many years ago, and because new ideas arose naturally during the development process. The time consumed was considerably larger than originally estimated, but overall I am very satisfied. I reckon therefore that I am determined to continue working with 1902 in the future. I chose 1902 for four reasons:

  1. They received a lot of praises in
  2. I had a good introductory talk on the phone with its director, Peter Skouhus, concerning the process, payment, etc.
  3. I had a more technical talk with the project manager who showed good understanding of my site, and empathy in my development aspirations.
  4. And finally, the price was extremely attractive.

My advice to others is to closely follow the development work from start to finish, and in general, carefully talk about all the details―not only during the initial project description, but also as the development work progresses. This way the project will reach its goals.”

Jonas Temløv

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