Mediehuset København ApS

Project type: WordPress & PHP

Project started: 2019

Became a client in: 2009

“We did not regret for a moment that we chose 1902 Software when we had to find a web company to develop and respectively, which both helped introduce our company to the world. The results cannot be denied: the sites became usable, manageable and user-friendly; and in the process, we felt that the customer was always in the center. We received extensive service and technical guides whenever appropriate. Physical distance—which seemed much, from Manila to Copenhagen—does not matter in these high-tech times. An excellent example of this is the smooth collaboration between 1902 Software and our media company.”

Jimmy Rehak

Managing Director / CEO Mediehuset København

Project description

Mediehuset København is a supplier of video production for online marketing. Through their website, they showcases their services and marketing videos. 1902 Software migrated this site from Joomla to WordPress, with all Joomla data converted to WordPress. was relaunched with a new layout and in a responsive design for improved customer experience. The user-friendly features of WordPress simplified the manageability of the site for the client.

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