Dansk OTC ApS

Project type: WordPress & PHP

Project started: 2013

Became a client in: 2013

“At Dansk OTC, we have worked with 1902 Software to develop our site in WordPress and have had discussions on other IT projects. We have been very pleased with our collaboration with Peter, Ryan and the others, and we have therefore decided to extend our collaboration with them to the other parts of our business. We feel that 1902 is extremely flexible, and the setup and process are much like a standard “Danish office.” In terms of price, it is doubtful whether any Danish agencies can match it without compromising quality. We only have positive things to say about 1902.”

Chris Dahl

Digital Manager, Dansk OTC

Project description

Dansk OTC operates as a trading center in Denmark. Having formed strong ties with a huge number of banks and private investors, Dansk OTC provides business analysis and financial management services. The firm consulted 1902 Software for a full revamp of their website. The client wanted Danskotc.dk to be developed using a CMS system due to the constant need of changing data in the site, which must be accomplished efficiently. 1902 Software developed the website using WordPress, along with several different plug-ins to suit the client’s need for custom posts for each data that will be presented on the site.

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