Workflow3d ApS

Project type: Umbraco & .NET

Project started: 2008

Became a client in: 2008

“We note our great satisfaction working with 1902 for the development of a PC based application. We had some misgivings at the start as we had previously been cheated by a company in India.

All these concerns vanished because 1902 has fulfilled all our requirements and lived up to being a good business partner. All deadlines were fulfilled, the budget was met, and all agreements were complied with. In addition, 1902 shows their great expertise by not just doing what they are asked to, but them coming up with needed discussions, relevant questions and suggestions in connection with the project. They are worth gold!

I can give my best recommendations to 1902, which is just a telephone call away.”

Brian Rasmussen

Workflow3d Ltd.

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