Min-mave ApS

Project type: Umbraco & .NET

Project started: 2020

Became a client in: 2013

“Over the past few years, we have concluded that a greater proportion of our traffic has shifted from traditional web to mobile platforms. Therefore, we chose to take a step and create a responsive website so that the visitors of Min-Mave would be able to use the site and its forum easily―whether they’re sitting in front of the computer, breast-feeding, or walking with a baby stroller. Prior to this, we had 1902 work on our smaller projects, so choosing them as a partner was quite simple. After some discussions on the overall project, we received some estimates and design mockups that fit into a new and modern site, while still retaining the feeling of the old site. Communication and daily follow-ups have worked superbly, and you would really feel that the project was being created on the other side of the globe and in a completely different time zone. The result was that, both we and our users were very satisfied. All sounds great; credits to the whole team and not the least to the manager, Jerome, who are all very accommodating, communicative, and certainly not without humor, which makes everything a lot more fun.”

Thomas Vedel Larsen


Project description

Min-Mave ApS created strong ties with 1902 Software for the improvement of their website. The Min-Mave website is complete with blogs and news articles about parenting and forums where expectant moms, dads, or parents can interact to share stories, concerns, and advice with each other. When the client first teamed up with 1902 Software, they asked for the creation of a web page for Min-Mave—the Navne page. Here, customers can search for probable names for their babies. A year after, the client contacted 1902 Software for the creation of Opskrifter—another page in the site where customers can see and learn about numerous child-friendly recipes. Both the Navne and Opskrifter pages were created using MVC and Entity frameworks. Two years later, Min-Mave worked with 1902 Software again to have the full website developed into responsive layout. The site was revamped from a classic ASP to a modern and responsive .Net web application, while the underlying database structure was reused while maintaining some classic ASP pages.

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